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Bookworm Problems of a Mood Reader

Hello, my name is Jessica and I’m a mood reader. I buy books that I don’t read, and I don’t read books that I do want to read.

Now that we’ve got that confession out of the way, I just want to say that being a mood reader can be great!

Maybe you wake up with a certain feeling and you just know exactly what book you need to read right this second (or well, after food probably). There’s no umming and ahhing about what to read next and weighing up piles/lists of books and writing pros and cons and things to figure out just which one to go for. None of that (or well, very little of that). You can simply look at a list of books (if you have an ereader like me) or a pile of books (for you plebs in the back – no I’m joking. I love real books and am sad I’m not well enough to read them any more) and with just one glance you can say THAT ONE!

Sounds like bliss, right? Less procrastinating = more reading. No making up TBR jars, or having to preplan lists for the next month. Just an instant decision.

That sounds perfect?

Well you are wrong. You are oh, so very wrong, my friends. And I am going to bring you through exactly why,


1. Not being able to read your next Favourite book

Because no matter how much you love the sound of a book, no matter how much you just know you will absolutely love it, if you don’t FEEL like reading it then it doesn’t get read. Lets just back track there and say that again.

I see a book, it looks pretty. I read the blurb, it sounds perfect. I want to read it right now but – I can’t.

I could even have it right here with me queued up on my kindle mocking me but I know that if I’m not in the mood to read it then I will not enjoy it and I will ruin a book that should have been amazing. So it just sits there, unloved. And I just sit here, sad that today is yet another day that I can’t read it. Which is fine, if tomorrow is the day that you feel like reading it but, invariably, it isn’t and so you go months without being able to read what, for all intents and purposes, should be your next favourite book.


But that is not all.

2. Spoilers!

The problem with a book that you really want to read but can’t for months is that you have to avoid it like the plague to stop it from being ruined for you.

That means when ever you visit book blogs that you follow, goodreads, even twitter or instagram you have to be mega careful. You can’t read blog posts of reviews for that book but also clicking on any book tags in general is dangerous because what in case they mention something!?!


3. The Hype Train

Related to the above, some books are just everywhere! You hear about a book, you think you’ll love it but then you don’t read it and are subjected to months upon months of having to see that book being hyped up by everyone and suddenly expectations are sky high and what if it’s not good enough? I should have read it before the hype train but I just didn’t feel like it and now it might be ruined even though I’ve avoided spoilers.


4. Book deals and ARC’s

Cheap and free books should never be a problem but really they’re just a very exciting distracted because ooh look a shiny new thing and who doesn’t like exciting, shiny new things? So even if you might have been in the mood for that book you haven’t read for months now earlier now you want to read this new one.


5. Confusing TBR Lists

Being a mood reader means that you end up having books on your TBR that you can’t even remember why you added. I’m not talking because it was so long ago and that’s the kind of book you were interested in then. I’m talking one day you were in a weird mood and that blurb spoke to you but now you are looking at it again and you can’t for the life of you think of what it could have been saying that made you want to read it.

But you know you were excited about it at some point so maybe you’ll have that particular mood again, at some point, in the near but probably more like far future. Maybe.


And so, finally, just to round off my points, I am going to leave you with some specific examples of just why it sucks to be a mood reader (Other than the dozens of books on my kindle that I haven’t felt like reading)

6 Books I really freaking hope I read by the end of the year because, I mean come on, I’ve been wanting to read these for forever by now:


Strange the Dreamer By Laini Taylor

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

A Gathering of Shadows by VE Schwab


A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski



So how about you, are you a mood reader or do you spend ages looking at books trying to decide what to read next? Are there any books that you’ve wanted to read for ages but even though you really want to and get excited just thinking about them you just…. Haven’t? Have you read all of the books on my list? What did you think? You never know, it might put me in the mood to read one and I will be forever grateful!


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16 thoughts on “Bookworm Problems of a Mood Reader”

  1. With me it varies. Sometimes I have to be in the right mood to read a book – which is why Seraphina by Rachel Hartman spent over a year on my shelf!! It sounded so good when I bought it but then it never appealed at a time when I was deciding what to read next. I finally read it for a reading challenge and wondered what I had been waiting for!

    Other times I just really, really want to read… and those times anything will do! As long as it’s a book and I haven’t read it recently. I actually originally read the first two Harry Potter books because I was sleeping in my brother’s room for some reason, couldn’t sleep and those were the only ones he had that I had never read before.

    And then there are the times that I don’t know what I feel like reading… then I will spend ages staring at my bookcase trying to work out what I actually am in the mood for.

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    1. Oh. I loved seraphina but then I never felt like reading the sequel and that makes me sad. It’s been so long I’d need to reread the first book now.
      The important thing is that you READ the harry Potter books somehow lol.


  2. I’m so glad I’m not the only person who does this! I have literally over a hundred unread books in my house that I bought because “I felt like reading them”, but never actually got around to it; a good chunk of which I can’t even remember WHY I wanted them anymore. And sometimes I get in these lulls where I just don’t feel like reading any of the books I have and I feel like such a bum, lol.

    This is where the library comes in handy, because I can indulge in my impulse reads and still have a deadline where I HAVE to finish the book so I don’t get fined. It’s a fairly good motivator and I usually end up happy that I read the book, even if I wasn’t feeling it in the moment.

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    1. I so badly wish that you could borrow library books on Kindle. This would solve all of the problems I have (ie the growing hole in my bank account).
      Maybe we should write little notes to ourself when we buy books so we remember why we bought them? Who knows, remembering might make us interested enough to read them!

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  3. “I buy books that I don’t read, and I don’t read books that I do want to read.” — dude, this is the LIT 😂😂😂 this is a very a relatable post and yes, i, too, am a mood reader lol. i’ve a lot of books that i’ve yet to read that are currently casually sitting on my bookshelf (probably already planning on hunting me down lol). including those that you’ve included in the list (excluding lady midnight and the winner’s curse).

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  4. I either want to read or not. If I want to read, I grab whatever is currently checked out. I do sometimes get a little frustrated when books on hold show up and I was getting ready to read something different. So, I don’t think I qualify as a mood reader….might be more of a mood sewer though. I’ll have to think in that!

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