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Memo Pad: April Wrap Up

Another month. I feel like I'm maybe the only person in the world that feels like time is going quickly right now! I can't actually remember much of what I did in April! I know I got feedback and started another round of revisions on my YA scifi story. I've also done a lot of… Continue reading Memo Pad: April Wrap Up

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Memo Pad: March Wrap Up

I'm late with this post. Again. But life. Alas. How are we all doing in lockdown? My life really hasn't changed much but I'm going to use that as an excuse for why this post is LATE LATE LATE. I just avoided writing my review for one of the best books I've read this year… Continue reading Memo Pad: March Wrap Up

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Mini Reviews: Short Stories & Rereads

My mini reviews post this month is a post of opposites. A lot of reviews for short fiction then a short review for a whole trilogy but it was a reread. I didn't read as much as I wanted to this month but I'm not putting pressure to reach any high reading goals this year,… Continue reading Mini Reviews: Short Stories & Rereads

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Memo Pad: January Wrap Up

One month down of the new year already! I've been drafting my new book which means everything else has been pushed to the side for the last 3 weeks. And will be for the next few too! I'm half way through and I have a love hate relationship with this book. Okay, that's not fair,… Continue reading Memo Pad: January Wrap Up

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Best Books of 2019 Part 2: Jul – Dec

I've split my best books of the year into two so this is the second half to match my first half here, or if you want my year in very interesting book stats and the quick list they'll be in my next post. This is a TOP 11 list because I can't ever seem to… Continue reading Best Books of 2019 Part 2: Jul – Dec

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Looking Back, Looking Forward: 2019 Edition

Another year is gone. This one to end a decade. Apparently I'm ten years older than I was last time this happened. I'm not sure about that last fact but whatever. This year has been a very WILD ride. It has some massive ups and some crash and burn lows but I'm still here. In… Continue reading Looking Back, Looking Forward: 2019 Edition

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Memo Pad: December Wrap Up

Somebody make time stop, please? This year has gone so fast but I guess at least I'm ending it with some good news: I completed my reading goal! I know I've talked about this a lot if you've been reading my blog but I honestly didn't think I would ever read 100 books in a… Continue reading Memo Pad: December Wrap Up

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2020 Awesome Book Releases Part 1 – JAN-MAR

I'm going to be doing my 2020 releases spread over four parts throughout the year (I always hear about more books that I missed being released towards the end of the year which is why I'm not doing them all at once). Part 1 will entail JUST books being released Jan - March and I… Continue reading 2020 Awesome Book Releases Part 1 – JAN-MAR

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Mini Reviews: At years End

This last mini reviews post of the year is going to be short and sweet. I read a couple of non fiction books this month which I don't normally review so I only have three for you. I'm clinging onto my reading goal of 100 books. I have just 2 left so hopefully in my… Continue reading Mini Reviews: At years End