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Mini Reviews: Short Stories & Rereads

My mini reviews post this month is a post of opposites. A lot of reviews for short fiction then a short review for a whole trilogy but it was a reread. I didn’t read as much as I wanted to this month but I’m not putting pressure to reach any high reading goals this year, just letting my brain rest, and what I did read, I loved.

To the Flame by A.E. Ross ***** (Review Copy)

A dual pov queer contemporary fantasy novella where someone is sending Emerson messages via the college radio just in time to keep saving his life and it might be the college neighbour who ghosted him after they kissed. I loved both characters in this so much, Emerson was feeling so lost, Morrie was conflicted and quirky. I loved the way he needed music and his love of lamps! They were spiky at each other but adorable and I loved how the relationship unfolded through all the obstacles in their way. The setting was vivid and perfect. I don’t have anything bad to say. A brilliant quick read about two teens at college falling in love while dealing with supernatural complications.

All for the Game by Nora Sakavic *****

Reread of the whole trilogy and yes, I reread it in 4 days again. It’s just SO GOOD that when I start everything in my life gets put on hold. Its about a made up college sport and mobsters. It’s violent and exciting. M/M, a team of misfits, a runaway with trust issues and a very dangerous past. All the trigger warnings (seriously, if you can think of one it is probably here). Not for everyone but definitely for me!

Behind the Sun, Above the Moon***** (Review Copy)

An amazing anthology of SFF short stories with trans and nonbinary protagonists. the quality here is amazing, I loved every single one of the stories and some of them left me really hoping they’ll be turned into novels so I can read more!

Twice Spent Comet by Ziggy Schutz *****

Found family of prison convicts on an asteroid and space mermaids. Wonderful. Loved all the characters and their relationships. Loved the tech and world building. Loved the writing.

From Dusk to Dying Sun by Paige S Allen *****

Two POC Highway patrol officers, pretending not to love each other on the long night drives. But then drivers racing the sun, the sun explodes and magic and shit. Where is the ending? A brilliant short story but PLEASE I want more!

Lost/Found by Brooklyn Ray *****

This author always has the most gorgeous writing I’ve ever read. A cam star who meets and falls for someone made of starlight. Less plot than the others but great story,

Awry with Dandelions by J S Fields *****

A dandelion seller who shares dreams with another person crashes a coronation with a plan to stop them. Loved the silvertongued MC and the friendship (though I would have loved MORE of it!), and the worldbuilding though it was confusing at first.

The Far Touch by S R Jones *****

A witch astronaut meeting up with his coven for a ley line ritual. Soft and quiet, loved the mix of space exploration and earth magic and the feeling of love in the funny but serious moments.

Ink and Stars by Alex Harrow *****

Space tattoo magic, living-ish spaceships, turn cloak military officers on the run. Another one I really hope gets turned into a full book because of where it ends. EDIT: the author is writing a novel on it. I’M SO EXCITED!

Horologium by Emmett Nahil *****

A Christmas Carol retelling but on a one person mining space ship in the far reaches of space. Left a little too much unexplained about what was really going on for me to really love it.

Death Marked by Sara Codair *****

A guard at the ball of their younger sister who is about to inherit the sector, attempting to make up and stop her from getting killed at the same time. Great mix of fantasy and tech. Loved the relationships and worldbuilding.

Weave the Dar, Weave the Light by Anna Xabo *****

A fire witch meets a being of starlight and their sexual relationship that grows into other things helps them understand who they are and what they want.

It feels like I really haven’t read much this month but my perception is off because I binged the All for the Game trilogy and then didn’t read basically anything for two weeks (I’ve been busy writing!) but everything I have read has been great!

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