About Me

Hi! I’m JJ, I’m in my mid-twenties and I got ill as a young teen with severe ME/CFS. I’ve lived most of my life in east London and live with my parents who act as my carers. I’m also Autistic. I recently moved to Lanzarote and am trying to learn spanish. Other than what has already been mentioned, I’m a proud slytherin,, a massive sports fan and am always listening to music.

This blog is mainly about the biggest three aspects of my life: Reading, Crafting, and Writing. So here’s a little about each:


I’m an avid reader and have been my whole life. I was that kid who pretended to go to bed early then waited until my parents had gone to bed to turn my bedside lamp back on to read some more. My favourite genres are sci-fi and fantasy but I also read YA contemporary and thrillers. You can check out my Goodreads account to keep up with books I’m reading and books I want to read, and of course, add me as a friend.

I review all the books I read and, while some of them have been given to me in exchange for a review, all my opinions are honest and completely my own. Regardless of where the book came from this will always be the case.

I am a netgalley reviewer and am happy to accept books from indie authors if they sound like something I would be interested in reading.Β  I’m sorry but I’m not currently accepting unsolicited review requests at the moment.


Hmmm, Where to start? I’ve always been a creative child and my interests don’t stick to one thing. Currently though, I cross stitch, crochet, sew, and am making my first quilt… Okay so its sitting in a box half done. My chronic illness means I have had to adapt how I craft and can often only craft in very small doses.


Finally, though most importantly in my life, I love to write and I am always making up stories in my head. It’s a lifeline on the days I’m too unwell to do anything else. I have a file full of possible story ideas and one of the most difficult things is not being able to write all of them at once!

22 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi dear, how are you. Am very glad to find you.
    I love your crafts, stitching, knitting and crochet. All your posts are really awesome. We have a very common interests dear. Take care yourself and keep blogging. Have a fab day.
    Bye friend.

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  2. I completely empathize with your differing ability levels. I’m afflicted with extreme multiple chemical sensitivities which keeps me almost house bound so I know what you’re talking about! Makes life tough. Here’s to fighting the good fight and knowing you’re not alone.

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  3. Hi. Your mum told me about your blog and it’s great, I’ve really enjoyed having a quick look and look forward to exploring it more. I know this is stating the obvious, but your mum rocks! I am enjoying working with her and getting to know her. I’m really pleased you made the move to Guernsey and I hope you are loving our little island as much as I do. Trudi

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    1. Thanks πŸ™‚ I’ve had a look at your blog (unfortunately my mobile is being silly and it won’t let me comment right now). But it’s really interesting about living aboard. I’m planning on moving abroad in a couple of years.


  4. Your blog looks splendid, Jessica! I also like reading and have recently started learning to knit and crochet. I find knitting easier than crochet. Crafting is a great stress buster. I can’t wait to read more of your posts! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ yes it definitely is a great stress buster.
      I definitely found knitting simpler to do than crochet at first. But now I’m not sure I even remember how to knit!

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  5. Looking at ” (what else is a girl to do when she doesn’t have the energy to craft?) ” and thinking, probably about the same thing as what is a guy to do when his brain can’t concentrate enough to stick 2 model train or model rocket parts together.

    I had been in retail on and off for about 23 years when in early 2000s one day, while helping out at the registers at a store I was going to become manager of, all of a sudden halfway through ringing up a customer I suddenly had no clue how a cash register worked. And as resultant conversation would reveal, no idea what my phone number was, no idea where I lived. Uh-oh, is this a stroke?
    Nope no stroke, merely CFS/ME brain fog.

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      1. Thanks! I saw your recent post over on The Mighty and came here to look things over. Figured a crafter gets other hobbies which involve planning, making, doing, designing, and the effect this stuff has on those.
        Ya know, diseases taking a man’s job away from him are one thing, and can be coped with, but taking away a man’s hobbies is just downright sadistic!
        Something is going on in this genetic line – in mid 1980s Fibro, neuropathy, CFS/ME put Dad out of his career: around 10 years later MS put his 16 years younger little sister out of her nursing career: around 10 years after that fibro and CFS/ME put me out of my retail career. I’d already been dealing with neuropathy and Raynaud’s for a decade plus.
        And I, my Dad, his late mother, each have neuropathy but a slightly different flavor.
        Yep, something is going on in this genetic line.

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      2. Thanks for reading the post πŸ™‚
        I definitely get it. It takes so long to get any kind of craft done because of all the breaks and resting and then there’s all the mistakes as well! And even when we manage one thing,there are so many things we can’t do but want to do.
        That sounds tough, I’m the complete opposite. No one in my family has anything like this. Other than my brother having ibs.


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