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First Finish of the Year

I’m starting the year off with a finish and no, it’s neither of the blankets I was working on last time I shared my crochet projects. Whoops! Instead I started a new blanket from the yarn I received from Christmas because it was new and exciting. 

My initial idea actually didn’t work as the yarn I bought has colour changes a lot shorter than I expected from the picture and ended up looking muddy and messy. So I frogged it all and had a think.

I decided to follow this pattern from raverly which is a corner to corner linen stitch. One of the projects actually used similar colours to what I had so I copied that and…..

Ta da….

The new idea used two instead of the the three yarns I was originally planning to use so it’s smaller. A good sized lap blanket.

I love the colours and the way it goes from rainbow to monochrome.

The pattern says it’s square /rectangle deepening on which you want but I’m not certain it truly is. It might be if I were to block it but currently it lies a little skewed. But then, it’ll be draped over someones lap when in use so it really doesn’t matter much!

Now that’s finished I should get back to those two linen stitch square blankets I need to finish, right? Well, ummm, I may have started a completely different blanket from more of the yarn I got from Christmas! Double whoops!!!

Too early to share it yet but the yarn, scheepjes colour crofter, is SO SOFT it’s actually ridiculous. It’s DK and pretty cheap especially considering how gorgeous it feels!

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18 thoughts on “First Finish of the Year”

    1. I think so too! I never would have thought to do half rainbow and half monochrome if I hadn’t seen the idea on ravelry.


  1. I didn’t know the linen/moss stitch could be worked as a c2c pattern but it looks amazing. I recently ordered some variegated yarn and this looks like one of the best patterns to try. I also really want to try some scheepjes yarn but I cannot decide which one and what project I’d use it for.

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    1. I didn’t know it could be done c2c either. Amazing what people figure out! I think it’d look great with variegated yarn!
      Hmmm. I used the whirl in one of my other projects because I couldn’t resist the gorgeous colour changes and while it was nice, I don’t think cotton is my favourite feeling to work with. Whereas this stuff is so ridiculously soft. I’d recommend both though so…. Not helpful haha

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      1. No, that is actually quite helpful. I like cotton that is soft and easy to work with so it sounds like something worth a try.


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