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New Year, New Project (SAL)

It’s a new year, and with finally finishing the stitching on my Christmas project (which no, I haven’t finished up properly yet), it’s also time for a new project.

I’ve only just got this started and is going to be a really simple design. A Latin quote, big letters, nothing fancy except I’m stitching it on black fabric for the first time (18 count aida, my go to).

The letters are really big (like 3 inches high) and I might do a smaller version to use up some of the left over fabric as the scraps are a bit too small to use for anything else.

I think the black would look amazing with bright colours like I’ve seen a few of the other stitchalongers do but I thought I’d keep it simple for my first time stitching on black but also because I haven’t had time to design anything else!

Here are the links to everyone else stitching something for the SAL:

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Welcome back to Mary Margaret, and hello to our new stitchers Renee & Jenny !!

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37 thoughts on “New Year, New Project (SAL)”

    1. Ahaha. Love the pun. It’s not so bad as the fabric isn’t that small (18ct) and I’m using such a contrasting colour. I don’t think I’d ever use linen or anything like that in black!

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    1. Black is a first for me too but I’ve seen others in the Sal use it before and it just looked so good! (Granted they used bright colours so mine probably won’t look THAT good in comparison but it’s still exciting)

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      1. Ah. I look at posts on the wordpress app on mobile so can’t see that but I think I remember what you are talking about and that was a very pretty colour!


  1. Black fabric is challenging! I tried it for the first time on 40 count linen in 2018. I had to invest in a light magnifier clip on for my project. Looking forward to seeing the quote!

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    1. Ahhhhh! 40 count!?!? No there’s absolutely no way id stitch on that let alone with dark fabric! Wow. I bet it looked amazing though!


      1. I know it’s crazy, lol! But it does look great. That project is still a wip for me and I’m planning to work on it next week 😊

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