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Book Series I Will Finish (Book Series #2)

Last week on the blog I posted the first in a run of blog posts about book series. That post which you can find here was about series I loved but won’t finish (TL;DR basically I’ve forgotten them). To even up the stakes I thought my second post would be about book series I AM going to keep reading….Probably.

I want to preface this by saying this list will be books that have already been published, my next post in this series will be about ones I’m waiting for. (some of these series haven’t been fully published yet but there are books that HAVE been published I haven’t read yet).


So series I will keep reading (Links go to the goodreads page for the first book in each series):


Gentlemen Bastard by Scott Lynch

Read: 2    Owned: 2    Published:4/7

Locke Lamora is one of my all time favourite characters and I absolutely loved the two books I’ve read. The only reason that I haven’t read the third yet is literally that there’s a love interest mentioned in the blurb and I’m not ready for my favourite character to become an annoying love sick puppy that makes mistakes because he’s ‘in love’. There are thousands of books where this happens, does it need to happen here? No. If you’ve read the third book and can tell me that this doesn’t happen then I will love you, in a completely not annoying way. I promise.


Shades of Magic by VE Schwab

Read: 1    Owned: 2    Published: 3/3

Okay so true story, A Darker Shade of Magic is one of my all time favourite books ever and it was the first book that I read on my kindle a few years ago. It happened to be one of the 3 daily deals when I was setting it up. I’d never heard of it but it sounded great so I bought it for the massive price of 99p and then promptly fell in love with it. Now the problem I have is how can a second book in a series possibly be as perfect? What if its not, what if it ruins it? I liked the fact there was no romance and I’m worried about that but more so I’m just worried because this series has been SO hyped by now (by me and by everyone else) that I’m sure I’ll be disappointed. I’m really looking forward to more Rhy. I’ll read it. Of course I will. But…. Not yet okay?


The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

Read:1    Owned:….1   Published: 3/7

At this point on the post things get a little more complicated. The Bone Season has possible THE setting I love the most of any book ever. The underground Sci fi gang feel that the start of the first book had was amazing. And I haven’t come across anything that gives me the same feeling since but…. Okay recurring theme, can you guess? There was a love story and it threw away all that amazing setting and crew dynamics for a much more generic fantasy setting and mildly Stockholm syndrome love story….? I was SO disappointed, we got back to the good stuff towards the end but still. I put this book down and stepped away, for years, I don’t actually own the first book anymore because I gave it away but recently a few people told me in a twitter chat that the second book heavily features the Sci fi gang dynamic/setting and I should give it a chance so I bought the second book and I REALLY want to love it……


A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

Read: 2    Owned: 3    Published: 3/6

(I’m not going to count the novella because, from what I’ve heard of it, I have no interest in reading that at all.)

I really didn’t like the first book much and only Rhysand and Lucien carried it for me but I LOVED the second and I’m looking forward to the third. I have my fingers crossed that it will stay good even if there is more Tamlin and even more romance plots thrown in. Hopefully Lucien won’t become annoying because of it. A girl can dream.


Grisha Verse by Leigh Bardugo

Read: 1    Owned: 1    Published: 3/3

So this is one I need your help on. I LOVED Six of Crows which I read first and it made me decide to read the first book in this series and….meh? I didn’t love it but i didn’t hate it, I was just pretty indifferent to it. The characters and romance annoyed me, the plot was a little dues ex machina…. So I stopped, why read a book you don’t care about when there are so many other amazing books out there. But now everyone is talking about the King of Scars /Nikolai getting a series and honestly that sounds pretty great. I’m willing to give that the chance of being a Six of Crows rather than a Grisha Verse but I’m thinking maybe I need to read these books first to understand things? I don’t know how much PLOT Nikolai has in the Grisha series. Is it enough that you think I would have to read this first or is it only that he’s in it like six of crows and I should be fine without reading these? I know this is difficult to guess without the series being out but any opinions would be appreciated.


So what do you think, have you read these? Did you love them or DNF them? Can you tell me if you think I’ll love them? Next time I’ll share some series where I’m waiting for books to be published.

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