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SAL update and finally some stitching

I blitzed some stitching over the last week which means, after having not stitched anything for about five weeks, I do have some cross stitch progress to show you just in time for the stitchalong!

Here’s where I was last time on my adventure project
Photo 13-04-2018, 4 35 54 pm

And here’s where I am now:

Photo 04-05-2018, 2 54 52 pm

The bad news is that I ran out of the teal coloured thread with only 2 letters left to stitch so I’ll have to buy more to finish it. But its possible I’ll have a finish for you next time around! And then I can get back to my Christmas cross stitch which still has a lot of work left on it.

Here’s everyone else taking part in the Sal:

Avis // Claire // Gun // Carole // LucyAnn, // Kate // Sue // Constanze // Debbierose // Christina // Kathy // Margaret // Cindy // Helen // Steph // Linda // Mary Margaret // Heidi // Jackie // Sunny // Hayley // Tony // Megan // Timothy

We post updates on the different cross stitching projects that we are doing every three weeks and there are some lovely projects going.

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33 thoughts on “SAL update and finally some stitching”

    1. I know! Last time this happened I only had six stitches left so at least it’s a decent chunk this time?


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