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Crochet Update

I’ve made lots of progress on the crochet scarf that I showed you all when I first started a week or two ago. The good news is that I’m really loving the way this yarn is stitching up in linen stitch. Definitely my new favourite stitch (yes, okay, I know I say that whenever I come across a stitch I like) I’m not the biggest fan of variegated yarn usually but the colour changes in this are just long enough and the stitch close enough that it looks really nice.

Photo 26-04-2018, 4 33 39 pm

The bad news is that, yes, I didn’t chain enough and its a bit too short. I’m definitely going to be adding sections onto the end but my dilemma is whether or not I’ll have enough yarn to do this and/or whether I should do it in a different colour. Looking through my stash these are the colours that could possibly work.

Photo 26-04-2018, 4 32 25 pm

What do you think? Green, dark green or the weird limey green (my mum calls it vomit green but I actually really like the colour). The green is pretty much a match for the darkest green in the scarf.

Which would you choose or do you think I should just try very hard to do it in the same yarn? (the ball of variegated yarn looks bigger than it is, I was working from the centre so its pretty hollow right now) I don’t want to buy any yarn to finish this as the whole point was to use up the left over King Cole flash I had.

And should I do two equal sections on either end or one larger colour block on one end? Questions, questions.

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23 thoughts on “Crochet Update”

  1. I reckon equal bits on either end, and I really like that goldy-green, which is like the colour of new oak leaves, I think it works with the colours you’ve already used, whilst I find the other two a bit too strong and dark.

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  2. I’d have the same problem as you. I can’t decide but I’d probably buy another ball, even if it went against my original plan LOL. I think this scarf is worth breaking the rules for. The bit you’ve done looks lovely and the variegated yarn really suits this stitch.

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    1. Thank you. I think I’ve at least decided not to buy anymore yarn. I’m clinging onto my will power haha


  3. Your stitches are just perfect! I love this scarf. I like the first brighter green but they are all good options. Whatever you chose, you won’t go wrong 😊
    Oh not sure if you’ll add a fringe at ends, but some of the remaining multi color would be a way to complete it. Just more thoughts 🤪

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    1. Thank you! The lightest green seems to be the popular choice. I like the idea of adding fringe to tie it all together but I’ll have to see if I have enough left over!

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    1. Thank you. And yes I think it really suits it. I think I’ll be going for the lightest green as it’s what everyone has said!

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    1. The thing is, I’ve realised I don’t actually have enough to make the scarf longer in the original colour. I mean I could add maybe 10cm but that wouldn’t be enough. I’d end up with a scarf too skinny rather than too short haha.


      1. 🙂 I have a Swedish saying for this: “Hur man än vänder sig, har man rumpan bak”. It means that whatever you do it´s just the same, no changes!

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    1. I normally buy multiple, I originally did but I was just using scraps for this project which is why I ran out but it all turned out well in the end.


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