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Tunisian Crochet Blanket – TA DA!


So, I’ve finally completely finished my Tunisian Crochet Squares blanket. What do you think?

The poor blanket had been sitting on my shelf for the last seven months ever since the seams were finished. I did mean to take it out and get the border done quicker, honest, but life got a bit in the way with the move then other craft projects had taken over.

This is my first ever (completed) blanket, it’s been a long journey from the first squares (nearly two years in fact). I thought I would share with you what my initial idea drawn up on paint looked like all those months ago. This is what got me excited enough to take on such a massive project for me. The colours ended up being quite different but I love it just the same.


I want to tell you a bit about the border, if you are interested in how I made the squares and what colours/yarn I used you can check out this post here from when I was just finishing them (all 160 of them!). I go through everything there.

The blanket turned out a little bit longer and narrower than I would have liked so when it came to the border I decided that I wanted to make the lengthways border thicker than the widthways border (effectively adding more to the width of the blanket). My original idea had been to slip stitch  around the whole blanket starting in cream then choosing a handful more colours. Keeping the idea of slip stitching for the widthways border I started to think about what I wanted for the other two sides. Having toyed with a couple of different stitches, I settled on the moss stitch (also called the linen or seed stitch by people). The moss stitch is reversible (meaning completely identicle on both sides) so it’s perfect for a border, and while the slip stitch isn’t reversible, it does look nice on both sides.

The most difficult thing to do was definitely deciding on only a handful of colours out of the 20 that went into the blanket. I made a few small swatches before I was able to narrow it down to five.

Emperor, pomegranate, sherbet, gold and denim.

I used a 4.5mm hook for the moss stitch and went up to a 5.5mm for the slip stitching (I probably could have gone up another size or two but this worked fine).

And there we have it. Blanket and border all done. It’s found its way onto the back of the sofa which will be its home for now.


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