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Finished Hogwarts cross stitch SAL

I’ve finished my project! All in all it took me about four and a half months, it’s only my second ever cross stitch project and I’m rather proud of it! We washed and ironed it last week and here it is:hogwarts fo

I tell you, washing it was a very nerve wracking experience. I was certain something was going to go wrong when I put it in the water. It’s all packaged up and ready to send as a Christmas present to my friend.

I want to share this photo with you as I was only a few stitches away from the end when I finished the thread I was using, and was about to get very annoyed that I’d have to start a new bit and have all that extra waste when I found a small piece of the right colour left over. YAY. And then it was done!

hogwarts nearly

I’m pretty sure what project I’m going to do next but havent decided what fabric it will be on yet. I thinknext update I will show you the back of this piece though as I always find that interesting.

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14 thoughts on “Finished Hogwarts cross stitch SAL”

    1. I didn’t do anything to the finished piece. Apart from wash and iron it that is. I’m sending it to my friend who lives on the other side of the world and while I’m pretty sure she’s going to frame it, sending it to her already framed would cost a fortune!!


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