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SAL update

It’s time to show you how far I’ve come on my cross stitch again. Gosh, that comes around quickly! I’m no longer able to tell how much progress is good or not but with everything that’s been going on I’m quite happy with it. Here’s where I was last time I posted:

sal update 2

I’ve managed to finish off the Slytherin section like I wanted to and have made a start on Ravenclaw. The eagle is taking shape quite nicely. Is that a good amount to have done in three weeks? I thought it was a decent amount but looking at the photographs it doesn’t look like much now!


I also wanted to ask you all about cross stitching fabric and what you do with your finished pieces. This is on aida 14 count fabric, and I know a lot of people either hang or frame finished pieces. I’ve also seen it used as inserts to cards and such. But I’m assuming aida is too rough/rigid a fabric to use for things like a cushion? I’ve been looking at cross stitching fabrics online and I can get cotton 18 count or linen 18 count evenweave fabric which both sound good. The only problem with this is I don’t know how they actually feel and I’m not able to go out and find somewhere to check. Are they soft enough for a nice cushion cover, are they strong enough for a nice canvas bag? Anyone able to help me out? I don’t really want to buy a load of cross stitch fabric that ends up not being suitable.

I know i can get soluble canvas that means I can cross stitch on anything but I think I would want to try my hand at an evenweave before I thought about doing that as it sounds more fiddly. Any help is appreciated.

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8 thoughts on “SAL update”

  1. I think that’s a good amount of progress there and it’s looking great 🙂

    My personal preference for fabric is to use 28 count and work over two. Some evenweaves can be stiff, but I often use Jobelan or Cashel, both of which are lovely to work with. There are a good choice of colours too.

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  2. good progress
    I actually use aida quite frequently for designs that are destined as cushion covers. Once it’s been washed a couple of times, it softens up.

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  3. This piece is looking great, lovely stitching 🙂

    I use aida for cushions as well like Claire, the seasons one I am working on at the moment for instance, however I tend to patchwork the pieces with normal material and use the cross stitch piece as an insert focus. I would recommend the Zweigart 28 count Cashel Linen Flax for a complete cushion and for inserts for quilts, (You can get this online at sew and Sew- they also sell Jobelan) and it comes in a good variety of colours. For a bag I would probably use 18 count aida and line it with normal fabric.

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