Mini House Hunting Trip to Guernsey

Last weekend my parents and I took a trip down to Guernsey in the Channel islands for two nights with the objective of visiting some of the contenders to rent for the upcoming move.

It’s only a 55 minute flight from a London airport so it wasn’t too much traveling, (I mean any traveling wipes me out but I’ve managed further before) and Guernseys not that large an island so there wasn’t much traveling on that end either.

We had to get up pretty early in the morning to catch our flight which was difficult for me as I don’t normally fall asleep until about an hour or two before the time we had to leave. I went to bed early especially but in the end I did only manage one hour of sleep before my alarm went off. Ah well. Into the car I went as did my lovely wheelchair. When we got to the airport we used checked into assistance and they let us bring the wheelchair all the way to the gate. We took off ad i was just settling down into the flight when the pilot came on and told us that we had started our descent! I haven’t been on a flight that short in years and years.

There were no problems at the other end, my wheelchair was waiting for me outside the plane and we were through baggage and in our rental car in no time. The roads were a bit more tricky, very narrow and a bit nerve wracking. We did end up getting lost but stopped a kind stranger who told us exactly where we were and how to get to our hotel. Thank you kind stranger. (In fact I think this happened a couple more times to my parents over the weekend too so thank you many kind strangers!)

Grange Lodge Hotel

We arrived at our hotel at about 10.30am so well before check in time so we went out to lie by the pool for a couple hours until the bar opened for lunch. Luckily it was a lovely sunny day and the food at lunch was yummy.

After lunch my room was ready so I went to lie down in the massive bed and put the tennis on. While I rested, parents went out to view two properties and see if they were any good (did I mention they got lost again?). They told me all about their day over dinner. And showed me some pictures they took for me to look at. The one below is the view from the living room of one of the places they viewed.

view of the sea

The next day I had a good lie in to recover some of my strength and got up at about midday. We went out for a drive to a lovely place my parents had seen to have lunch and my parents told me about another two places they had gone to see that morning. The plan after lunch was to go back to visit the two better properties with me so I could see them. We couldn’t go inside them as they weren’t proper viewings but both are empty at the moment so I had a good snoop in all the windows! Below is the view from where I was sitting for lunch.

lunch view

Then it was back to the hotel to crash until dinner. The next day we were coming home on an evening flight so I agagin stayed in bed till lunchtime and we had lunch in the hotel bar (which was also yummy). Then back to the airport to go home. Unfortunately our flight was delayed about 40 mins so the wait was a little bit longer than i would have liked. Then when we landed in London it took them about half an hour to find my poor wheelchair so there was quite a bit of waiting around there as well. Luckily I was able to sit down for all the waiting but eventually we got home. I’m still resting up and recovering from the trip but it was the first time I had been to Guernsey and was well worth the energy spent. We didn’t decide on anywhere but it was very informative and I can’t wait till everything gets going!

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