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SAL update

I’ve just started a new cross stitch project and joined in with a lovely group who are doing a Stitch-A-Long so I will be posting updates on this project every 3 weeks. It’s going to be the Hogwarts crest in case you couldn’t tell yet. It’s the first time I’ve started from the middle of a pattern so I was a bit nervous about that but think it is going well so far.


I actually started this about three weeks ago but had two weeks off as was resting then recovering from my birthday. It’s only my second ever cross stitch project and it’s definitely a bigger undertaking than my last. That was a one page pattern this is a 4 page pattern, but I’m really enjoying it. It’s going to be a present for my friend but she knows I’m making it so I’m not ruining the surprise by posting it. Plus it’s going to take me ages and I won’t be able to not share it in that time!

You should check out what all the other members of the SAL are doing.

Avis / Claire / Gun / Carole / Kate / Alison / Jule / Elizabeth / Wendy / Lucyanne / Cathy / Jacqui

I love looking at other peoples crafting projects and its great to see projects evolving.


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15 thoughts on “SAL update”

  1. well done on your new start. There’s always a little apprehension when beginning a new project, as you make those first stitches on the virgin fabric ^^ Am really looking forward to seeing this design grow – I’m a HP fan, and in fact, my dog is a Griffondor (half French “Griffon” which is a type of hunting dog, and half Labrador) rofl.

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  2. Hi Jess and welcome to our friendly group of crafters. I am a great fan of Harry Potter too so I’m keen to see how this turns out – well done on getting started with cross stitch – it’s addictive so although this is only your second project I’m sure it won’t be your last! Happy stitching!
    Alison x

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  3. This looks like a fun stitch. I love Harry Potter 🙂

    I usually start in the middle as otherwise I fret over whether it’s going to be in the centre of the fabric or have I miscounted. You’re doing a brilliant job on that for your second project 🙂

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  4. i need the pattern for this!!!!! i always get bored with cross stitching because i don’t like the design but I NEED THE HOGWARTS CREST!! is there any way you could send me a copy of the patten and colors and such or where you bought it?!

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