Butterbeers on me!


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It was my 23rd birthday on Saturday and, after having had to rest and do nothing all week in an attempt to not be too ill to enjoy it, I had a great day. Mum had made me some amazing nutella pastries that we had for lunch (fresh out the oven and lovely and warm). We decided this would be my birthday ‘cake’ so it arrived upstairs with candles on and accompanied by a chorus of happy birthdays.

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Then, as I attempted to ignore the presents sitting in front of me, it was time to open my cards. Normally, I would open some of them as they arrive in the post but this year I had saved them all to open on the day. It used up a lot of energy but it was a great feeling to have cards from so many people this year. Special mention to my friend Tracey’s card, its the green dragon one and she made it herself. It’s amazing and you can check out some of the other cards she makes here.

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After the cards we went quickly on to the presents! I started with presents from my friends. I’ve only taken a picture of some of the presents I got, I love them all, but they weren’t easy to fit in a single photograph! I’m really happy with the presents, they’re perfect for me. I especially loved the Slytherin quidditch top and the dragon letter opener. They are both things I had been toying with getting for ages but decided against it as I didn’t really need them. But I love them. Unfortunately, I didn’t open the letter opener till I had opened most of my cards already but I still got to use it on a couple and it was great fun!

WP_20150616_20_29_06_Pro 1I knew what my two main presents from family were going to be but I was still mega excited to open up my brand new Kindle. I’ve never had an eReader before as I really like paper books but we’ll be moving around a bit for the next few years so I thought it would be a good idea. I spent the rest of the day playing with the thing. And my new hoodie. It is also Harry Potter themed but why get a boring old (well new) hoodie when you can get one saying the three broomsticks, right? It’s showing up in the photograph as a bit purple but its a lovely navy blue colour.

After opening all my presents I had to lie down for a few hours and try not to fidget with anything to try and recover some of my energy for the second half of my birthday celebration.

My mum put all my cards up on my corkboard for me to look at. We had dinner early (6pm) which was brought to me in bed (as it usually is) and I ate alone (as I usually do) to save energy for later. After dinner, I lay back down and had a mess around with my Kindle for a while and rested. Then at 8 my parents came back upstairs and we moved into the spare room to watch a DVD (This is probably a good time to mention that there are 3 bedrooms in the upstairs of my house, mine, my parents and the 3rd we have converted into a living room for me as I can’t get downstairs). We ate popcorn and watched the new Godzilla movie. The popcorn was lovely and the movie was……entertaining.

Overall, I had a brilliant birthday although have been paying for it a bit this week. But i’m lying here looking at my birthday cards and smiling. Thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes.

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4 thoughts on “Butterbeers on me!”

      1. I think you’re going to have hours and hours of fun with your kindle. I have a tablet I use as my e-reader and it’s really practical for reading in bed.

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      2. I’ve already read a book on it. It’s great 🙂 unfortunately I don’t have any room to put it next to my bed. I have too much stuff there already!


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