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The Saga of the Perfect Scarf

Many a year ago I bought some very expensive yarn to make two scarfs. They were Rowan aran Pure Wool in Red & yellow and green & grey (or Gryffindor and Slytherin colours). And if I can remember correctly they were about £8 for each 100g ball. By far the most expensive yarn I’ve ever bought.

My plan was to knit a tube scarf in stockinette stitch but I’d never done cookie changes like that before and wanted to make sure they were smooth with no holes so i used the red and yellow yarn as practice.

And it ended up with a long, warm heavy and comfy scarf that I absolutely loved but it I’m not a Gryffindor so it was time to knit my perfect scarf…..

But by then my health was worse and I haven’t been able to knit since which meant that the perfect expensive yarn sat unused.

For years I’ve been trying to find a crochet stitch that I like enough to use the yarn in that would accommodate stripes, was soft and was reversible but I couldn’t find one. Knitted stockinette stitch was perfect and I couldn’t get over it.

But finally, I came across the crochet linen stitch again. And I liked it enough to use it.

So ta da:
Photo 24-06-2018, 2 57 47 pm

Photo 24-06-2018, 3 00 03 pm

It only used half the yarn I had though (knitting a tube scarf uses a lot of yarn!) so I still have quite a lot left over that I need to figure out. Any suggestions?

Closer look at the stitching:

It’s really lovely and soft, not as soft or as lovely as my original scarf but still very nice. The only problem now is that I don’t actually wear yarn scarfs anymore….I wear fabric ones. D’oh!

Maybe I should start taking commissions from friends and family or something. They buy me yarn – I make them a scarf. Because as much as I enjoy crocheting I never actually use anything I make and my mum only needs so many scarfs….

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15 thoughts on “The Saga of the Perfect Scarf”

    1. I think aran yarn just works up too thick in crochet for something like mittens or wrist warmers. Ah. I wish I could knit. It’d be half as thick!

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  1. That’s an excellent solution Jess, than you can craft to your heart’s content, and not have to pay for goods you won’t use! Maybe a hat to go with the scarf so there’s a complete set?

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  2. I love that crochet stitch! and it’s awesome that it’s a slytherin scarf 😉 I personally wear scarves all the time, I have a full drawer of them 😂 Maybe you could make a small bag if you have enough yarn?


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