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Cross Stitching On (SAL Update)

Progress is a bit scattered on this one. Lots of chunks of different greens. I’ve been picking a colour and following it around the pattern so I’m not focusing on one leaf like I was last time. But here’s where I was last time and this time with lots more green.

You can see about how wide it’s going to be now, though obviously I have a lot of stitches to fill in. You can also see the bottom but there’s still a lot more on top to add in. There’s already four different greens on there and there’s a few more to come as well before moving onto the blues and then the reds and so on. I thought this would be really daunting as I’ve never worked with half as many colours as this but I’m really enjoying it. (Am I allowed to say that or is that floating my own boat seeing as I designed it? haha)

I’ve also started stitching a Ravenclaw version of my pin cushion. I’ve gotten all of the cross stitches in the sides done but there’s still a lot of back stitching to do and of course the “Accio Pins” to add on the front. I’m really loking the look of the scrolls but I’m not sure whether I should back stitch them or not. And if I do what colour? Black around all of it or bronze/blue. It looks fine as is, but I did back stitching on the front of the Slytherin version and I want them to look like a set. Here’s how far I’ve gotten and the Slytherin one (before I put it together) to remind you of what it looked like. What do you think about backstitching the scrolls?


This is my post for the stitch along I’m participating in. We post the progress we have made with whatever projects we are working on and have a look around and share encouragement with everyone else.

Here’s the links to the others:

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And we have two newcomers this time around as well:

Mary Margaret and Timothy

I’m on holiday during the next SAL update but I should have something to share as I’ll get some stitches down before I go and I’ll try to take a look at everyone’s progress when I get back.

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31 thoughts on “Cross Stitching On (SAL Update)”

    1. The middle one is. The others are all different types of leaves. Some oak leaves and…. I dunno about the rest haha.


    1. Thanks. It’s rather scary trying out your own design. It could all look so wrong whereas with someone else’s pattern at least you know it’s suppose to look good.


      1. I use a computer program. Although the pin cushions I did design on squared paper. Just because they were small and much simpler!


  1. I thought the leaf didn’t need any other colour when I first saw the oranges and yellows. Now that the greens are coming along, I know I was wrong! It’s looking great. And yes, I think you do need to backstitch to ‘sharpen’ the design and make the detailing stand out.

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