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Memo Pad: April Wrap Up

Another month. I feel like I'm maybe the only person in the world that feels like time is going quickly right now! I can't actually remember much of what I did in April! I know I got feedback and started another round of revisions on my YA scifi story. I've also done a lot of… Continue reading Memo Pad: April Wrap Up

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Memo Pad: October Wrap up

October is down. Which means I'm officially allowed to listen to Christmas music now. And I know, I can hear people screening NO!!!! But I've always been someone who hates winter. It's cold and dark and if I need pretty lights and music to make me happy then I will….. Only. That's not actually the… Continue reading Memo Pad: October Wrap up

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Memo Pad: September Wrap-up

I can't believe there's only three months of the year left. I also can't believe that I actually haven't fallen behind on my reading goal yet! But, first things first, I've updated this here blog a little. I was Ever The Crafter but I felt that after however many years - and the natural evolving… Continue reading Memo Pad: September Wrap-up

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Memo Pad: August Wrap up

I MOVED. Okay so I mentioned that briefly in the last post but it's been a wild ride. We left the UK behind on the 21st of August and the last three weeks have been BUSY. So much paperwork and hoops to jump through to try to get everything sorted. We are only about half… Continue reading Memo Pad: August Wrap up

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Mini Reviews: Nigerian Godpunk, Queer Witches & Twisty YA

My reading has taken a hit this month with everything that’s been going on. My high reading count has finally caught up with me! So this is just a short post and I'm jumping straight in. David Mogo, Godhunter by Suyi Davies Okungbowa ***** (Review Copy) I loved the setting and story. David Mogo is a demigod… Continue reading Mini Reviews: Nigerian Godpunk, Queer Witches & Twisty YA

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Memo Pad: April Wrap-up

I know I keep saying that this ridiculous run I'm on with my reading challenge is going to end soon but this month has been another scarily awesome month for books. Not only did I read the eight books I've been averaging a month so far this year but I actually ended up reading….13? Granted… Continue reading Memo Pad: April Wrap-up

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Memo Pad: December Books

The last monthly book wrap up of the year! This year has gone so quickly it's unbelievable. I'll be doing a 2017 book survey and a best books of the year post over the coming week or two which I'm looking forward to. But for now lets look back to this month. Right at the… Continue reading Memo Pad: December Books

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Memo Pad: October Books

Another month down and another Bookish wrap up for you. It's almost Christmas. More importantly it's almost November. I'll be doing nanowrimo next month which is why this post is a little early. I wanted to get my reviews up and out of the way so I could concentrate on my story. So here they… Continue reading Memo Pad: October Books

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Memo Pad: Book Reviews – June 2017

I only read four new books this month which is the least that I've read in a while but this was purely down to the fact that, only a week after reading them for the first time, I decided to reread the All For The Game trilogy to start the month off (and I have… Continue reading Memo Pad: Book Reviews – June 2017

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Memo Pad: Books – January 2017

This month has been a really good start to the year and I managed 5 books, okay so one of them was only a novella but still, that's pretty good for me. I finally got around to reading Crooked Kingdom and The Dream Thieves, which were both sequels I couldn't wait for and yet, there… Continue reading Memo Pad: Books – January 2017