A Holiday in the Sun

I'm back. I've been ill pretty much all week so this is the first chance I have to really tell you about it. Where to start? Hmmm. Well we started by flying from Guernsey back to London to stay at home for three nights to see family and friends. It was lovely catching up with… Continue reading A Holiday in the Sun

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Away oh oh oh Away From Here

I am not here, sat at my computer typing this. No, I am on holiday (wooooo!). Hopefully right now I am lying in the sun relaxing. Maybe I'm reading one of the many books I have loaded on my kindle for this very occasion (more on these later) or maybe I'm listening to some nice… Continue reading Away oh oh oh Away From Here

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Memo Pad

I've been umming and ahing about my Memo Pad posts lately. I 'm not sure whether I should make my book reviews into their own post or not. The original idea was for the memo pad to be a summing up of all the things I have done in the month, including what books I… Continue reading Memo Pad


Mini House Hunting Trip to Guernsey

Last weekend my parents and I took a trip down to Guernsey in the Channel islands for two nights with the objective of visiting┬ásome of the contenders to rent for the upcoming move. It's only a 55 minute flight from a London airport so it wasn't too much traveling, (I mean any traveling wipes me… Continue reading Mini House Hunting Trip to Guernsey


Butterbeers on me!

  It was my 23rd birthday on Saturday and, after having had to rest and do nothing all week in an attempt to not be too ill to enjoy it, I had a great day. Mum had made me some amazing nutella pastries┬áthat we had for lunch (fresh out the oven and lovely and warm).… Continue reading Butterbeers on me!


7 Things I Would Do Tomorrow – ME Awareness Part 2

It's the first of June, so I missed ME awareness Month by a day with this post but I've been really sick these last couple weeks and I just couldn't get on my laptop to post this any sooner. I talked in the last part about the everyday things that I (and lots of others… Continue reading 7 Things I Would Do Tomorrow – ME Awareness Part 2


Looks like we’re moving!

I recently found out that we (My parents and I) will be moving to the Channel Islands in a couple of months time. I've never moved before. Yep. spent all 22 (nearly 23) years of my life in this here house. But that's all going to change very soon. Having spent my whole life in… Continue reading Looks like we’re moving!


7 Boring Things I Wish I Could Do – ME Awareness Part 1

I missed ME Awareness day last week (12th May) but it's still ME Awareness month. I've seen loads of amazing posts and fundraising schemes over the past couple of weeks and I feel a bit bad that I never really do anything so I thought I would chime in with my 2 pennies worth. I've… Continue reading 7 Boring Things I Wish I Could Do – ME Awareness Part 1

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Finished Cross Stitch

If you're following me on twitter you have probably already seen this as I couldn't wait to share but I've finally finished my first ever cross stitch project! I ended up changing part of the pattern quite a lot and used 4 colours instead of the 5 the pattern called for but I think it… Continue reading Finished Cross Stitch