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Memo Pad: April Wrap Up

Another month. I feel like I'm maybe the only person in the world that feels like time is going quickly right now! I can't actually remember much of what I did in April! I know I got feedback and started another round of revisions on my YA scifi story. I've also done a lot of… Continue reading Memo Pad: April Wrap Up

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2020 Awesome Book Releases Part 1 – JAN-MAR

I'm going to be doing my 2020 releases spread over four parts throughout the year (I always hear about more books that I missed being released towards the end of the year which is why I'm not doing them all at once). Part 1 will entail JUST books being released Jan - March and I… Continue reading 2020 Awesome Book Releases Part 1 – JAN-MAR

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Memo Pad: November Wrap Up

Another month down and it's nearly the end of the year. It feels so strange to say that when it's still sunny outside here. I can't actually believe I'm ending 2019 having moved to my dream home. But we're  at the end of the year yet so back to this month. I didn't officially take… Continue reading Memo Pad: November Wrap Up

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Memo Pad: May Wrap Up

May was such a busy month for me which is why this post is a couple of days late. But before that I just want to say hello June! It's my birthday month which is exciting. It's also pride month so happy pride everyone. It's also also officially summer in my books (sorry southern hemisphere… Continue reading Memo Pad: May Wrap Up

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Memo Pad: February Wrap up

Somehow I'm keeping up the amazing reading record I started last month. I thought reading 7 books in one month was a one off but I've actually bested it this month, even though it was shorter! I could say this had something to do with the fact I went on holiday for a week and… Continue reading Memo Pad: February Wrap up

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Top 10 Tuesdays: Underrated books I loved

I'm back from my holidays, which were lovely and warm (I'm so sad I'm back in the cold), I read some great books but today I'm going to talk about a bunch of my favourite books that are criminally underrated. Top Ten Tuesdays is a book meme currently hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl. It… Continue reading Top 10 Tuesdays: Underrated books I loved

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Memo Pad: January Wrap up

I've had an excellent start to my reading year this month. I finished a whole 6 books and that's only because I made myself stop reading towards the end of the month so I wouldn't have too many reviews to write! Four of them were five star reads although towards the end of the month… Continue reading Memo Pad: January Wrap up

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Goings On

I have a quick teaser update for the yarn I showed you last week. The blanket is going well and it is ridiculously soft and cuddly. I honestly don't think I've ever made anything this snugly. It's going to be one big square (think granny square but using a different stitch). It looks like two… Continue reading Goings On

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Book Series I want to read in the future (Book Series #5)

This is the final post in my planned book series lists. I've done book series I loved but DNF'd, book series I've started and will keep reading, book series where I'm waiting for the next book to be released, and book series where I've bought the first book but not read it yet (there were… Continue reading Book Series I want to read in the future (Book Series #5)