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Memo Pad: October Book Wrap Up

Phew. It's been such a busy month for me! And I cannot believe it's almost Christmas already. I am not prepared. Somebody press pause, please! Probably the biggest thing that happened this month is that I got diagnosed as autistic. I've discovered so much out about myself and I still am finding and figuring out… Continue reading Memo Pad: October Book Wrap Up

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Memo Pad: September Wrap Up

I've had another good reading month. 5 finished books, and the month started so well with three 5* books in a row although I did end up DNFing one at the end. Unfortunately I did get sucked into netgalley and requested a few more than I should have. After a couple of months of not… Continue reading Memo Pad: September Wrap Up

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Memo Pad: August Wrap Up

Another month over and it's officially winter. I'm just kidding. Kind of. It definitely feels like summer has ended as this week has been raining all the time, I've had to wrap up in a hoody and turn my heater on. I want summer back please! But book wise I've had a good month. What… Continue reading Memo Pad: August Wrap Up

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Memo Pad: July Wrap up

This post is a little late but I'm officially moving this week! It's all a bit up in the air even though I'm literally leaving everything up to other people to sort out! All I need to do is pack some clothes and my favourite pillow and get on a plane but knowing that all… Continue reading Memo Pad: July Wrap up

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Memo Pad: June Book Wrap up

It's June which means it's summer, the world cup and most importantly it was my birthday this month. I got older (unfortunately I haven't found a way of having birthdays without that side effect). And after my mini book haul from my birthday money I am officially stating that I am on a book buying… Continue reading Memo Pad: June Book Wrap up

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Memo Pad: May Books Wrap up

Another month is over and apparently it's almost summer but it still feels like this year has only just started and oh god somebody turn the time off please!! Ummm,¬†anyway. I had a much better reading month this month after a couple of dodgy ones so I'm very happy. It started with the awesome Baker… Continue reading Memo Pad: May Books Wrap up

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Memo Pad: April Book Wrap Up

This has been my worst reading month in a very long time. I only managed to complete three books, two of which were novellas. I did however beta read a book for a writer friend of mine that I can't really add to my tally. So it's not quite as bad as it feels. Most… Continue reading Memo Pad: April Book Wrap Up

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Life Update

In which I tell you I am so completely snowed under. I should point out I mean metaphorically just in case anyone thinks we've had yet another springtime snow storm. I have books to read for review. I have books to read to beta. I have MY book to read because I am editing and… Continue reading Life Update

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Memo Pad: Holiday Books

So last week I shared my holiday TBR with you. It had eight books on it and I knew I'd never read that many but I was hoping to read six of them while I was away. That didn't happen as I got sick halfway through my holiday and my brain basically died so I… Continue reading Memo Pad: Holiday Books

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Memo Pad: Indieathon Books

I'm officially leaving to go on holiday today which means an end to taking part in indieathon. I already had a holiday TBR before I found out about indieathon but I decided to take part for the first couple of weeks of March because I think self published and small press books deserve more of… Continue reading Memo Pad: Indieathon Books