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Memo Pad: September Wrap-up

I can't believe there's only three months of the year left. I also can't believe that I actually haven't fallen behind on my reading goal yet! But, first things first, I've updated this here blog a little. I was Ever The Crafter but I felt that after however many years - and the natural evolving… Continue reading Memo Pad: September Wrap-up

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I Am Currently…

There has been a lot going on in my life lately and with the scheduled posts I've had to do I'm feeling all out of sorts with what I have and haven't told you and when. I thought it would be a great time to do a new post idea. It's by no means an… Continue reading I Am Currently…

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The Five Year Shawl

I'm moving next month back to London after our three year temporary move to Guernsey. Which means I've started looking through and deciding on all the things to pack and what to throw away. Obviously, I started with my yarn stash (because that's the most important thing, right?) Looking through my stash was a little… Continue reading The Five Year Shawl


The Move – One Year On

It's officially been a whole year since we upped sticks and made the move from our house in East London to our ground floor flat in Guernsey (Okay, so it's actually been more like one year and four days but I've been ill). I'm not sure I can explain just how much my life has… Continue reading The Move – One Year On


Mini House Hunting Trip to Guernsey

Last weekend my parents and I took a trip down to Guernsey in the Channel islands for two nights with the objective of visiting┬ásome of the contenders to rent for the upcoming move. It's only a 55 minute flight from a London airport so it wasn't too much traveling, (I mean any traveling wipes me… Continue reading Mini House Hunting Trip to Guernsey


Looks like we’re moving!

I recently found out that we (My parents and I) will be moving to the Channel Islands in a couple of months time. I've never moved before. Yep. spent all 22 (nearly 23) years of my life in this here house. But that's all going to change very soon. Having spent my whole life in… Continue reading Looks like we’re moving!