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Memo Pad: Holiday Books Edition

I read a lot on holiday. Which was awesome! Until I got back and realised I had to write five reviews in a week. Technically, and if you follow me on Twitter you'll know this, I started reading Blue Lily, Lily Blue before I left. In fact I read half of it. So I read… Continue reading Memo Pad: Holiday Books Edition

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Memo Pad: Book Reviews April (#1)

This is a bit of a weird Memo Pad. I read a lot of books this month (and last month because technically I read Matilda at the end of last month) and if I put all of the reviews in one post then this will be ridiculously long. Also, and more importantly, I went on… Continue reading Memo Pad: Book Reviews April (#1)

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Memo Pad: Reviews

I've been pretty ill these last few days so this end-of-month post is a week late. But I'm finally on the road to recovery so here it is, the books I have read this month. Books Read: 5 The Seer and the Sword by Victoria Hanley ***** Legend states that there exists a mighty sword… Continue reading Memo Pad: Reviews

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Away oh oh oh Away From Here

I am not here, sat at my computer typing this. No, I am on holiday (wooooo!). Hopefully right now I am lying in the sun relaxing. Maybe I'm reading one of the many books I have loaded on my kindle for this very occasion (more on these later) or maybe I'm listening to some nice… Continue reading Away oh oh oh Away From Here