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Hogwarts Crest SAL

SAL update time for my current cross stitch project. We share every three weeks and link to each others blogs (the links are at the bottom of this post). I've been a bit panicky about finishing this cross stitch lately. For a while there I didn't think I would manage it. I'm aiming to be… Continue reading Hogwarts Crest SAL

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Hogwarts Crest SAL update

Time for another cross stitch update. I reckon I'm about half way through now. And quickly running out of time to finish it. I've put nearly every other craft on hold (although with Christmas coming this won't last long!). Here's where I was last time: This time I've very nearly finished all the crest off.… Continue reading Hogwarts Crest SAL update


Hogwarts Cross Stitch SAL update

It's time to share my progress on my cross stitch project once again. This was where I had gotten to last time I shared, this is actually from 5 weeks ago rather than three as I queued it up early. The move went really well, I made a post about it earlier this week if… Continue reading Hogwarts Cross Stitch SAL update

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SAL update

It's time to show you how far I've come on my cross stitch again. Gosh, that comes around quickly! I'm no longer able to tell how much progress is good or not but with everything that's been going on I'm quite happy with it. Here's where I was last time I posted: I've managed to… Continue reading SAL update

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SAL update

I've just started a new cross stitch project and joined in with a lovely group who are doing a Stitch-A-Long so I will be posting updates on this project every 3 weeks. It's going to be the Hogwarts crest in case you couldn't tell yet. It's the first time I've started from the middle of… Continue reading SAL update


Butterbeers on me!

  It was my 23rd birthday on Saturday and, after having had to rest and do nothing all week in an attempt to not be too ill to enjoy it, I had a great day. Mum had made me some amazing nutella pastries that we had for lunch (fresh out the oven and lovely and warm).… Continue reading Butterbeers on me!


Reader Questionnaire

I saw this post over on Bluchickenninja's blog who got it from someone else and so on. It seems to be doing the rounds and I thought I would give it a go. If your reading this I would love to see your responses to this as well.   1. What is your favourite book? This… Continue reading Reader Questionnaire