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10 More Most Anticipated Books of 2018

Here I am again telling you about even more amazing books that are being/have been released this year. My original top ten is here, but I've heard of so many amazing books since I managed to narrow it down to ten for that list that I just had to do another one. Some of them… Continue reading 10 More Most Anticipated Books of 2018

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March TBR

I heard about a new readathon over on twitter recently called indieathon which is all about reading indie/selfpublished or small press published books during the month of march. Now, I am going on holiday towards the end of march and I already have plenty of books on my holiday TBR to be getting on with… Continue reading March TBR

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Book Haul + Love Papercut

This blog has been leaning heavily towards the Bookish side lately and that's purely because I really hadn't been doing much crafty stuff. Between Christmas, being ill for the first two weeks of the year and stuffing as much writing time in as possible I just haven't been crafting. That is changing though and I'll… Continue reading Book Haul + Love Papercut