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The Five Year Shawl

I'm moving next month back to London after our three year temporary move to Guernsey. Which means I've started looking through and deciding on all the things to pack and what to throw away. Obviously, I started with my yarn stash (because that's the most important thing, right?) Looking through my stash was a little… Continue reading The Five Year Shawl

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Cross Stitch Progress

Cross stitch update time as part of the stitchalong where we all post what progress we've managed on the projects we choose to work on. I've got a lot done in the three weeks since my last update. Here's where I was last time: I managed to get that last bauble finished and then moved… Continue reading Cross Stitch Progress

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The Saga of the Perfect Scarf

Many a year ago I bought some very expensive yarn to make two scarfs. They were Rowan aran Pure Wool in Red & yellow and green & grey (or Gryffindor and Slytherin colours). And if I can remember correctly they were about £8 for each 100g ball. By far the most expensive yarn I've ever… Continue reading The Saga of the Perfect Scarf

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SAL Cross Stitch Update – Christmas is Coming!

Time for another update on my cross stitch progress and I'm happy to say that I've gone back to my Christmas project and am excited to get stitching again. That small adventure quote project was just what I needed. A little bit of a change and a happy dance and now I'm up and running… Continue reading SAL Cross Stitch Update – Christmas is Coming!

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Linen Stitch Scarf FO

I finished my linen stitch crochet scarf and thanks to all your helpful comments it is now long enough. And, if I do say so myself, rather pretty. I went with the colour most of you suggested, although I think its a bit different than it showed up in the picture I had taken but… Continue reading Linen Stitch Scarf FO

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SAL update and Happy Dance!

I have a finish to show you all! Here is my adventure cross stitch: Happy dance! I managed to get some more of the teal thread to finish the last couple of letters and added the footprints. So ta da!!! I've really enjoyed stitching this one. The pattern is now available on my etsy shop… Continue reading SAL update and Happy Dance!

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Taking Breaks from Creativity

If you've been reading my blog lately you'll know, because I've mentioned it a lot, that I'm currently editing a novel that I've written (and wow, editing is so much more work than writing). I've been editing it for a couple months now and its a full time thing. Getting my brain to focus and… Continue reading Taking Breaks from Creativity

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SAL update and finally some stitching

I blitzed some stitching over the last week which means, after having not stitched anything for about five weeks, I do have some cross stitch progress to show you just in time for the stitchalong! Here's where I was last time on my adventure project And here's where I am now: The bad news is… Continue reading SAL update and finally some stitching

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Life Update

In which I tell you I am so completely snowed under. I should point out I mean metaphorically just in case anyone thinks we've had yet another springtime snow storm. I have books to read for review. I have books to read to beta. I have MY book to read because I am editing and… Continue reading Life Update