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Christmas is Here!! (SAL)

I finished it! I have a very Christmassy happy dance to share with you all! The final bells are in place and the fabric has been unrolled. Here is my Christmas cross stitch all finished: By all finished I obviously just mean the stitching. It has not been made into a wall hanging yet. Too… Continue reading Christmas is Here!! (SAL)

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Christmas is coming too fast (SAL)

We're getting so close to Christmas and unfortunately I've run out of time to have my Christmas project finished even though I've made a lot of progress. Here is where I was up to last time I showed you my cross stitch This time around I've managed to finish all the baubles, strings AND the… Continue reading Christmas is coming too fast (SAL)

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Christmas Cross Stitch

Progress has been made on my Christmas cross stitch. Lots of it, Too bad I don't have a way to add another month in before Christmas because it might have actually been done in time but alas. Here's where I was after the last update three weeks ago: I'd just started on that first big… Continue reading Christmas Cross Stitch

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Cross Stitch Update

I haven't got a much progress to show you on my Christmas cross stitch as I'd like. The last couple of weeks have been very busy for me. But I have done some so here is where I was up to three weeks ago: And compared to now: I managed to get the swirls in… Continue reading Cross Stitch Update

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Cross Stitch SAL update

It's time to share some more progress on the cross stitch project I'm working on. More gold stitching but this time the section above what I did last time. I'm still really liking the gold stitching but haven't managed to do as much as I'd like. I'm not going to show you and then and… Continue reading Cross Stitch SAL update

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Golden Stitching (SAL)

After all that testing last time I finally got back to some real stitching and I have to say I am soooo happy with how the gold looks on the project. I chose to use the Kreinik #4 braid in the end (Japan Gold) as it just looked the best to me. It is the… Continue reading Golden Stitching (SAL)

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Sideways Cross Stitching Progress

It's time to share with you all what progress I've made with my cross stitching. I can't believe it's been three weeks. I moved halfway through and the last week or two has just gone by so quickly. I barely got anything done, most of what I have to share is from before. It's not… Continue reading Sideways Cross Stitching Progress

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SAL Cross Stitch Update – Christmas is Coming!

Time for another update on my cross stitch progress and I'm happy to say that I've gone back to my Christmas project and am excited to get stitching again. That small adventure quote project was just what I needed. A little bit of a change and a happy dance and now I'm up and running… Continue reading SAL Cross Stitch Update – Christmas is Coming!

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Cross Stitch SAL – Back to Christmas

Another cross stitch update for you. I'm going back to the Christmas cross stitch because I have reached a mini milestone Here is where I was last time I shared: And here it is now: All of those snowflakes are now done! Hallelujah!!! Well, the falling ones anyway. I still have a row of the… Continue reading Cross Stitch SAL – Back to Christmas

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Christmas stitching

I have been speed stitching for the last week trying to have some progress to show you after not stitching since October and I've actually gotten quite a lot done. Here's where I was last time: And here is what that little Aladdin's lamp turned into: Two reindeer have appeared (and yes, before you say… Continue reading Christmas stitching