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Mini Reviews July: Novellas, Superheroes, & Autistic Rebels

My reading has been a bit all over the place, but I've finally reviewed the last book I read last month, along with a couple novellas, a short story and also two books for this post! And as usual for these mini review posts I'm going to dive right in. Waking up the Sun by… Continue reading Mini Reviews July: Novellas, Superheroes, & Autistic Rebels

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Book Series I’m Waiting on (Book Series #3)

Next up on my posts about book series is a list of series I'm waiting to finish. These are series where I've already read (at least) the first book and am waiting for the next book to be released. You can check out the other posts I've done about book series here: Book series I… Continue reading Book Series I’m Waiting on (Book Series #3)

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Top 10 2017 Book Releases

Top Ten Books that I am most excited about being released in 2017 This is a post that I never thought I would write. A post about books that are (mostly) not even out yet?! I'm normally years behind things so how I'm even aware of books that aren't out yet is yet another one… Continue reading Top 10 2017 Book Releases

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Memo Pad: Books – January 2017

This month has been a really good start to the year and I managed 5 books, okay so one of them was only a novella but still, that's pretty good for me. I finally got around to reading Crooked Kingdom and The Dream Thieves, which were both sequels I couldn't wait for and yet, there… Continue reading Memo Pad: Books – January 2017