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Mini Reviews: Contemporary Feels & a Scifi Sequel

This month has been such a good month for books. I haven't read a book didn't LOVE, although there were some mixed feelings in there (I'm looking at you Adam Silvera). I've also decided (at least temporarily - I'm terrible at sticking to things) that I'm going to start doing mini review posts instead of… Continue reading Mini Reviews: Contemporary Feels & a Scifi Sequel

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Memo Pad: April Wrap-up

I know I keep saying that this ridiculous run I'm on with my reading challenge is going to end soon but this month has been another scarily awesome month for books. Not only did I read the eight books I've been averaging a month so far this year but I actually ended up reading….13? Granted… Continue reading Memo Pad: April Wrap-up

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Memo Pad: March Wrap Up

I'm late with my monthly wrap up. Oops. It's April already. Luckily I am currently still a European citizen so things could have gone worse (although there's still time!). I read a lot of books in March which is the main reason this post is late. While I haven't found it difficult to fit reading… Continue reading Memo Pad: March Wrap Up

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Memo Pad: February Wrap up

Somehow I'm keeping up the amazing reading record I started last month. I thought reading 7 books in one month was a one off but I've actually bested it this month, even though it was shorter! I could say this had something to do with the fact I went on holiday for a week and… Continue reading Memo Pad: February Wrap up

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Top 10 Tuesdays: Underrated books I loved

I'm back from my holidays, which were lovely and warm (I'm so sad I'm back in the cold), I read some great books but today I'm going to talk about a bunch of my favourite books that are criminally underrated. Top Ten Tuesdays is a book meme currently hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl. It… Continue reading Top 10 Tuesdays: Underrated books I loved

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New Year, Same Me

I kind of hate resolutions. Especially the ones that say to do something different. New year new you. Those never work for me but I do like seeing goals. Things I want to achieve which are normally a continuation of what I'm already doing. I guess my biggest struggle is to keep doing things not start (anyone who knows me know I start too many things!!). And goals help to keep me motivated and not give in.

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Memo Pad: December Book Wrap Up (+ Xmas Book Haul)

Merry Christmas everyone! It's the end of the final month of the year which means my last 2018 book wrap up. I'll be doing a bookish year post in the next week or so once 2018 is officially over (you never know what awesome books I'll read between now and new year!) but for now… Continue reading Memo Pad: December Book Wrap Up (+ Xmas Book Haul)

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Top 10 Tuesdays – 2018 Releases I Still Need to Read

Top 10 Tuesdays is a book tag hosted over at the artsy reader girls blog. This week was a freebie topic and seeing as 2018 is coming to an end I thought what better opportunity to show how badly I've done with keeping up with 2018 releases tell you about 2018 releases I'm still looking… Continue reading Top 10 Tuesdays – 2018 Releases I Still Need to Read