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Memo Pad: December Wrap Up

Somebody make time stop, please? This year has gone so fast but I guess at least I’m ending it with some good news: I completed my reading goal! I know I’ve talked about this a lot if you’ve been reading my blog but I honestly didn’t think I would ever read 100 books in a year and I’m sure I won’t ever do this to myself again!

Stay tuned for my posts about my favourite books of the second half of the year, and also my year in books post that I’ll share some stats in (which I always find interesting but your intrigue may vary!) You can find my fav books of the first half of the year here.

Away from books I…. really didn’t do much this month! It was supposed to be my month of resting but somehow I feel more tired than I did at the start? Anyway. We went out for dinner which was lovely. We had a lovely Christmas full of yummy food and I watched SO MANY movies. Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Ant Man & The Wasp, ant Aladdin. I’m sure I’ll watch a couple more before the end of the holidays too.

I let my mind wander and came up with some cool new story ideas that I’ve added to my notebook. I also researched some details I will need when I start my new draft of #ChronicallyWitchyWIP. And finally, somehow I fit in all the books I needed too.

I read a few nonfiction books this month so I really don’t have many reviews to share just my mini summary below. As always, links go to goodreads.

Book Summary:

Into The Mystic Volume 1 *****

Sapphic fantasy anthology with a mix of short stories. My favourites included: Reborn by Brooklyn Ray (set in the Port Lewis Witches series), Midnight Kisses by LJ Hamlin (an urban fantasy about a witch and a werewolf enforcer) and Smile Like You Mean It by Tay Laroi (a Japanese folk tale about a lonely ghost)

Djinn Patrol on The Purple Line by Deepa Anappara *****

Adult literary fiction set in India about a nine year old boy who decides to be a detective and solve the case of missing children from his slum amongst the much heavier topics of the things going on around him.

Recipe for Magic by Agatha Bird *****

An M/M Elemental magic school short story about an arrogant boy who gets paired with the wrong boy for their final year exam by the oracle but ends up falling in love.

That’s Not What Happened by Kody Keplinger *****

A YA contemporary set three years after a school shooting where a survivor wants to collect the real stories of what happened that day to stop the lies being spread.

I hope everyone has had a lovely end to the year! Did anyone set reading goals – numbers or otherwise? Let me know how you did and how your holidays are going!

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