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Mini Reviews: At years End

This last mini reviews post of the year is going to be short and sweet. I read a couple of non fiction books this month which I don’t normally review so I only have three for you. I’m clinging onto my reading goal of 100 books. I have just 2 left so hopefully in my monthly wrap up I will have good news about it!!

Into the Mystic Volume 1 – F/F Fantasy Anthology *****

This was the first and only anthology I’ve ever read. Overall I enjoyed it but it has made me realise anthologies aren’t really for me. Purely because I’m super picky about the stories I read so I’d rather read individual short stories instead of a collection. Having said that there are a bunch of great ones in here. My favs include these 3 I gave five stars: Reborn by Brooklyn Ray (set in the Port Lewis Witches series and the reason I picked this up. It didn’t disappoint!), Midnight Kisses by LJ Hamlin (an urban fantasy about a witch and a werewolf enforcer) and Smile Like You Mean It by Tay Laroi (a Japanese folk tale about a lonely ghost).

Djinn Patrol on The Purple Line by Deepa Anappara***** (Review Copy)

Set in a poor slum in India, this literary fiction book is told from the point of view of a nine year old boy and it is SO GOOD. When children start going missing around Jai’s home he decides to be a detective like from his favourite TV shows and ropes his two best friends in. It seems like such a childlike premise and yet the way it’s told highlights so many heavy topics. From the conditions they live in and the way the police refuse to help, to the religious tensions between groups, and the fact nobody cares when poor children are disappearing. I loved how immersed in the setting it was, it was wonderfully described and different. And Jai sucks you into his world view while letting us see the big picture unfolding around him.

Recipe for Magic by Agatha Bird ***** 

A m/m short story set at a magic school where seniors get paired up by the Oracle for their final exam. I loved the two characters in this so much. Connor is an arrogant fire mage and basically king of the school because of who his dad is but when the Oracle pairs him with a water mage instead of his girlfriend his whole social world crumbles. Landyn is sarcastic and quiet and their magic does not work together. I loved how they insulted each other all the time and their relationship was so cute as it grew. Even though Connor starts out as an arsehole it was written so well to make him sympathetic. Would totally read a whole novel set at the school with these characters and yet the short story was the perfect length.

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday whether or not you are doing anything to celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or New year.

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