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Top Ten Tuesdays: 2019 Most Anticipated releases July-Dec

Top 10 Tuesdays is a book tag currently hosted over at That Artsy Reader Girl. There’s a new topic each week and this weeks is Anticipated releases for the second half of the year. Yet again, I have failed to narrow it down to 10 (There are too many amazing books, it’s not even my fault!) but I put in a good effort and this list is just 15 of the books I am MOST looking forward to before the year is out.

There’s a mix of adult and YA, SFF and Contemporay, and as always, most of them are queer. Happy Pride everyone!!

Links go to the books goodreads pages so you can add them and the cover and pub dates are correct as far as I am aware.,,,,


The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep by H.G Parry – Adult Contemporary Fantasy

Two brothers, one of which has the ability to bring fictional characters to life and the other whose trying to live a normal life, have to join together to stop someone using the same power to cause chaos and destruction.

Lord of Secrets by Breanna Teintze – Adult Fantasy

An action-packed fantasy featuring an anxious 26-year-old wizard trying to save the people he loves without destroying the world (or himself) in the process.

Rep: gay necromancers

Shatter the Sky by Rebecca Kim Wells – YA Fantasy

When her girlfriend is kidnapped by the emperor, Maren decides to steal one of his coveted dragons and rescue her. In the process, she uncovers dangerous secrets, a brewing rebellion, and possibly a great destiny.

Rep: f/f


Swipe Right for Murder by Derek Milman – YA contemporary Thriller

On the run from the FBI. Targeted by a murderous cult. Labeled a cyber-terrorist by the media. Irritated texts from his best friend. Eye contact with a nice-looking guy on the train. Aidan has a lot to deal with, and he’s not quite sure which takes top priority.

Rep: Aiden is gay

Ziggy Stardust and Me by James Brandon – YA Historical

In 1973, Jonathan Collins spends more time in fantasy land, daydreaming about his idol, Ziggy Stardust, and having imagined conversations with his dead mother, than reality. But that all changes when a boy name Web enters Jonathan’s orbit and he begins falling for the fearless, brooding boy.

Rep: m/m


We are Lost and Found by Helene Dunbar – YA Historical

About three friends coming-of-age in the early 1980s at the start of the AIDS epidemic as they struggle to forge their own paths and fall in love in the face of fear.

Rep: m/m but probably a lot more queer rep too

The Monster of Elendhaven by Jennifer Giesbrecht  – Adult fantasy

After a thing with no name washes up on the docks, empty, alone, and unable to die, he becomes obsessed with a frail young man who can twist minds with magic. A dark fantasy about murder, a monster, and the magician who loves both. 

Rep: m/m with monsters


Tarnished Are the Stars by Rosiee Thor – YA Scifi

Queer kids playing a game of cat and mouse in space with a steampunk vibe. Includes an assassin, the commissioners son and a girl with an illegal clockwork heart.

Rep: f/f and aroace

Crier’s War by Nina Varela – YA Science Fantasy

A richly imagined epic fantasy about an impossible love between two girls—one human, one Made—whose romance could be the beginning of a revolution in a land where Automae have usurped the humans that used them as slaves.

Rep: f/f

By Any Means Necessary by Candice Montgomery – YA Contemporary

On the day Torrey moves and officially becomes a college freshman, he gets a call that might force him to drop out: the bank is foreclosing on the bee farm his Uncle Miles left him. He tries balancing his old life in L.A. with his new classes, new friends, and (sort of) new boyfriend in San Francisco, but as the farm heads for auction, the pressure of juggling everything threatens to tear him apart

Rep: m/m

War Girls by Tochi Onyebuchi – YA Scifi

Two sisters are torn apart by war and must fight their way back to each other in a futuristic, Black Panther-inspired Nigeria where the rich have escaped to space and battles are fought with mech.

Rep: Nigerian setting and characters

I Hope You Get This Message by Farah Naz Rishi – YA Scifi

The Earth has been contacted by a planet named Alma, rumors spread that the alien entity is giving mankind only few days to live before they hit the kill switch on civilization. With only seven days to face their truths and right their wrongs the lives of three teens collide.

Rep: Pakistani-American boy and one of the teens is gay

The Light at the Bottom of the World by London Shah – YA Scifi

In the last days of the twenty-first century, sea creatures swim through the ruins of London. When sixteen-year-old submersible racer Leyla McQueen is chosen to participate in the prestigious annual marathon, she sees an opportunity to save her father, who has been arrested on false charges. She must brave the depths and defy a corrupt government determined to keep their secrets.

Rep: British-Muslim female main character 


Refraction by Naomi Hughes – YA Scifi

After an attack on earth, all reflective surfaces become weapons to release monsters, causing a planet-wide ban on mirrors. 17-year-old Marty Callahan becomes a distributor in an illegal mirror trade―until he’s caught by the mayor’s son. Both are exiled to one of the many abandoned cities overrun by fog. Where they realize their thoughts influence their surroundings and their deepest fears begin to manifest. 

Rep: OCD

Unknown Pub Date

Children of the River Ghost by Alexandra Aceves – YA Horror

16 year old katie, still reeling from bullying after her last relationship, moves to new Mexico and falls for a beautiful, mysterious girl who maybe the ghost La Llorona.

Rep: f/f and Latinx

These are my most anticipated but what about you? Are any of these on your list, what ones sound the best, and what ones do you think I have missed? If you’ve made your own list link it below.

17 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesdays: 2019 Most Anticipated releases July-Dec”

  1. I seriously have four tabs open right now so I can add books to my Goodreads list. I love queer novels, so I found some new ones I hadn’t heard of yet. I’m really excited for Swipe Right for Murder and Ziggy, Stardust, and Me (those are on my list today too!)


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  2. Oh hello, there are some AMAZING titles here to tempt my TBR 🙂 Tis the year for gay necromancers, but I’m even more curious about War Girls and The Light at the Bottom of the World. Thank you for putting them on my radar 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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