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A stumbling of Blankets

I mentioned in my last post about crochet that I’d started another blanket from the yarn I received from Christmas but not everything went as smoothly as planned.

First off I’m doing a crochet entrelac blanket vaguely using this pattern off ravelry. I chained a different number of stitches, am doing a different number of stitches per square and using dk yarn instead of Aran but the general idea is the same.

Where I slipped up is the colours. It’s so very difficult to colour match yarn online. I bought two purples that I hoped would work together but after stitching my first lot of colours I decided I didn’t like it.

Here it is with the old purple

So I went online and bought a new second darker purple and hoped, again, that it would work. The good news is that it’s closer in tone and matches better than the last one. It’s still not perfect but there’s only so many times I can buy new yarn hoping it’ll match and I think it’s good enough to continue!

So here it is with the new second purple and then also carrying on back to the black for the colour repeats.

The yarn, scheepjes dk colour crafter, is so soft and warm. And I love the fact that I don’t have to join any squares together! I’ll still have to weave the ends of each row in which will be enough for me!

In other news, I’m currently on holiday. Lying down somewhere in the sun (hopefully) but I’ll get to any comments when I return!

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14 thoughts on “A stumbling of Blankets”

    1. It definitely is as warm and cuddly as it looks and it’s still tiny so it will be even warmer and cuddlyier when it’s done!


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