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Crochet Blankets Galore

Okay so, galore may be over stating things a bit. Two. There are two crochet blankets in this post. Neither of which is technically finished. But it has ignited my love for crochet blankets and there are easily another three blankets that I now want to make. But I’ll save that post for a very very far off future.

A very long time ago, (a couple months) I talked about a linen stitch square blanket. Well I semi finished it weeks ago (wow this post is so overdue).

Here it is :

Photo 10-11-2018, 12 48 05 pm

Is 4 foot square. I used up all the yarn I bought which was all I was planning on doing but now I’m thinking…… I might buy another two balls of the cappuccino and another of the blue peacock colour to do an extra round of colour.

My reasoning is two fold.

  1. As it is, my feet stick out the end of the blanket which isn’t great. Granted I’m very rarely ever lying straight but…. It’s not very satisfying to make a blanket that your feet stick out of. And,
  2. I originally started this blanket to use the one ball of red yarn I had. I bought another six balls to do this. The stripes used up all of what I had of the red and all of the purple on that final stripe. But now I have half of the blue ball left.

If I buy another blue and two cappuccino it’d be enough for another stripe. Making the blanket large enough for my poor cold tootsies and using up that blue ball….

I don’t really want to pay for postage though so I’m waiting on whenever I next buy yarn. I wove in all the ends so the blanket is usable until then which is why I say semi finished.

Which brings me, kind of, onto blanket two. If I had been patient and waited until I completed blanket one I could have bought all the yarn together but I was excited and couldn’t wait until I’d finished to get yarn for the next.

After all my careful money saving planning on buying the yarn for the last blanket I finally splurged and caved in. I bought a scheepjes whirl and some accompanying whirlettes.

which is actually REALLY difficult to do online. It’s pretty impossible to colour match so many different shades. I originally wanted to get a whirl and a complimentary colour but it was impossible to figure out from the pictures which colours would go without risking them being TOO close as to look the same.

So I went for contrasting colours.

I didn’t actually take photos of them when they arrived but here they are already partially used:

Photo 10-11-2018, 1 36 27 pm

The yellow whirlette matches the centre colour on the whirl and means I’ll be able to extend the blanket a bit further to make it a good size.

And here is where I am upto so far. I think I’m going to call this my sunset blanket.

Photo 10-11-2018, 12 50 54 pm

I’m just starting to get into  the reddy colour now.

What do you think of the colours? When they arrived I was a little apprehensive but I think they are starting to look okay!

Weirdly the scheepjes is much thinner than the king Cole 4 ply even though they were listed as the same weight online. But more weirdly the scheepjes actually recommends a larger hook than the thicker king cole yarn did. I did try using the same size hook but it was obviously too big and it made the stitches too loose for the scheepjes so I went down a size. I wonder if that’s a cotton thing? Do they recommend a larger hook to achieve the drape of other yarns? Surprisingly in all my years of knitting and crochet it is the first time I’ve used cotton.

Anyway, there are the two linen stitch blankets I’ve been working on. And, just so you know, the other blankets I;m thinking of are going to be in a different stitch!

What have you been working on lately?

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