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Christmas Cross Stitch

Progress has been made on my Christmas cross stitch. Lots of it, Too bad I don’t have a way to add another month in before Christmas because it might have actually been done in time but alas.

Here’s where I was after the last update three weeks ago:

Photo 27-10-2018, 4 36 10 pm

I’d just started on that first big bauble. This time I got a lot of work done on the baubles and, if I do say so my self, they look so pretty!

Photo 05-11-2018, 5 28 33 pm

I’m not sure you can tell just how shiny the gold is but it is! The two line and dot baubles have been finished (I’m not even sure you can really tell but there are gold dots in there!) and the big bauble has been finished with its little hat on too.

I’m hoping that for next time I’ll have the last one and a half baubles done and all the stitching for the ‘strings’ they hang on as well. And then it’ll be up to the top sections. Still a lot to do but I’ll have to start thinking about the finish.

Here are a couple of closer shots of before and after just so you can see a bit more detail:

Photo 27-10-2018, 4 37 28 pm

Photo 04-11-2018, 5 24 17 pm

They’ll all be ‘hanging’ on strings that reach up to the next section but I haven’t stitched that far yet.

I’m planning on making it into a wall hanging but I’ve never made one before. Shall I use batting? Shall I use interface? All I think I know at this point is that I will be using some bias binding for the edges. So any suggestions are welcome!

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29 thoughts on “Christmas Cross Stitch”

  1. It’s looking really good! When you make the wall hanging, you might consider a fusible foam stabiliser, the stuff they use for bag making to stiffen the fabric and give it body. You could bond it to the back of the piece, cover the back and edge it all round with the binding, machine stitched to the front and slip stitched to the back.

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    1. It would definitely be machine stitched on both sides. I’m too lazy haha. Would you put a layer of fabric between the fusible stuff and the cross stitch fabric? I’m worried it will show through the holes.


    1. Ooooh your hangings look amazing!! I’m a bit worried about batting showing through the cross stitch fabric. What count fabric did you use? Mine is only 18 count and as it’s red as well and the batting wouldn’t be….


      1. I usually use 28 count so it’ll be that or higher. Perhaps you could use some red fabric in front of the batting? Or can you get coloured batting? Or dye it?


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