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New Yarn, New Project

My yarn stash finally got depleted enough to defend buying more. I only had 3 balls of yarn left.

And yes, okay mum, I did give a lot of it away when we moved but it was yarn I was never going to use again left over from four years ago when I had to give up knitting. So I bought more. Obviously.

I did start by trying to use one of those 3 balls. I spent lots of time trawling through ravelry and have mashed a few different ideas together but to do it i needed to buy more yarn. The one ball wasn’t enough for a full project whatever I wanted to do with it so to use that 1 ball I bought…. 6 more.

Ta da!

Photo 30-08-2018, 1 14 55 pm

It’s King Cole big value 4 ply in red (the one I already had), plum, peacock, and four balls of cappuccino. The white on the website looked too white so I went with the cappuccino instead and I think it goes with the other colours really well. And its really cheap too?

I mean its super cheap compared to the the 3 balls of scheepjes whirl 4 ply that i wanted to buy. They are SO pretty! But paying over £60 for yarn to make a small blanket is a lot. I bought the equivalent amount of yarn (actually I bought 40grams more yarn) and it only cost me £20 instead AND it will be cheaper if I want to make the blanket bigger too. So all around I think I was very responsible. (But they’re so pretty…..)

I’m sure I’ll end up buying one at some point but I’ve avoided it for a while longer. I’ve only just started the blanket I’m planning to make (the yarn only arrived yesterday) so you’ll have to wait for an update to see what I’m doing.

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17 thoughts on “New Yarn, New Project”

    1. Thank you. I do too. It’s such a lovely colour and a bit different from the usual white or cream options. It goes so well with the other colours and what I want it to look like


    1. Thanks. Oooh. That’s cool. Hopefully you’ll get one finished this time. What are you planning on doing? Knitting or crochet? And one big thing or squares joined up?

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    1. Thank you. It’s difficult to excuse the high cost of the nice yarn sometimes. Especially when the cheap yarn is really soft and comes in lovely colours too

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