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Mini Blanket Finish

Project number two that I wanted to get finished before the move was a mini blanket that I had started years ago and had been sitting on my shelf for three years.

Here’s where it was:


My original plan for the aran yarn was to knit a scarf but this was around the time I stopped being able to knit so I realised I needed to do something else with it. I decided on a blanket instead. I only had the one ball of the light grey yarn as it was only supposed to be the contrast colour in the scarf which meant the blanket could only be so big if I wanted to keep the colours relatively even.

In fact, in that picture, all of the light grey yarn had already been used up which meant I only had the one square of dark grey to do to finish the squares.

I used the no holes granny square pattern from here which I really like. I’m not normally a fan of traditional granny squares but I really like this pattern and its quick and simple.

The difficulty I had picking it back up again was trying to remember which hook size I had originally used. I knew I had gone up quite a few sizes from the recommended on the yarn band. I gambled on a 7mm and after I had made the square I realised it was smaller and more dense than the others ship I had to rip it out and go again with the 8mm. Using such a large hook meant that there was a nice amount of drape to the squares and they weren’t too rough or stiff.

I wove in all the ends and them decided on a flat slip stitch join to put the squares together. I really like the way out looks and the back is even neater. It’s a little fiddly getting started but once I got going out was really quick and easy.

Then I wove in those ends (anyone ether feel like ends are never-ending?) and decided on a border to finish. It helps that it added another couple inches. I stuck with double crochet using the same no holes granny square method at the corners and then, yes, more ends to weave in but then I was finished!

ta da!

Photo 02-08-2018, 1 29 36 pm

I don’t know how many years this has been sitting nearly finished on my shelf but now it is finished and I really like it. It’s lovely and soft too. Although right now it’s horribly warm. Whoever thought working on a blanket during a heatwave was a good idea was silly….

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22 thoughts on “Mini Blanket Finish”

  1. Looks fab! Love the colours, and the joy of finishing while it’s warm means it’s actually DONE when you need it! I need to do more finishing off! Far too many projects sitting not-quite-finished at the moment!

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      1. Haha. Take a little at a time and try to enjoy it. Are you thinking of doing squares or an all in one? Squares definitely make it seem much less daunting to me but then you have to seam it together

        Liked by 1 person

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