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Cross Stitch Progress

Cross stitch update time as part of the stitchalong where we all post what progress we’ve managed on the projects we choose to work on.

I’ve got a lot done in the three weeks since my last update.

Here’s where I was last time:
Photo 14-06-2018, 1 54 55 pm

I managed to get that last bauble finished and then moved up to the last section at the top. I don’t have a photo of the finished bauble as I had to fold the fabric up but I’m sure you’re imagination can fill it in. But here’s the top section and where I got up to:

Photo 04-07-2018, 3 30 25 pm

I’m nearly there with the white stitching. I should have it all finished by the next update. What you see is what I need to do. Finish the jingle bells lettering and the two Christmas tree and snowflake borders going across the work. And then it’ll be time to go back and do all the gold stitching!

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who gave me tips and shared their experience with metallic and gold threads. I’m still looking into. I think I’ll buy a couple of your suggestions and see but right now I think I’m leaving towards just using gold coloured regular dmc thread as there really is a lot of gold stitching.

Here’s the link to everyone else taking part in the Sal:

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Visit the links and see what projects we are all getting up to and welcome back to Catherine

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