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SAL Cross Stitch Update – Christmas is Coming!

Time for another update on my cross stitch progress and I’m happy to say that I’ve gone back to my Christmas project and am excited to get stitching again. That small adventure quote project was just what I needed. A little bit of a change and a happy dance and now I’m up and running again.

Here’s where my Christmas project was last time I shared it with you all those months ago:
Photo 01-03-2018, 5 42 02 pm

And here’s where I’ve managed to get to now:
Photo 14-06-2018, 1 54 55 pm

I was hoping I’d get both of the final baubles done to show you but I didn’t quite make it that far. I’ll have the last one finished for next time and I’ll have started on the top section which is exciting.

It also means that I should start thinking about what to use for the gold stitching. I’m not going to use metallic thread as there’s just so much gold that it would be horrific. But I was wondering what everyone suggests? Shall I just use a gold coloured normal dmc thread? Is using one stand of metallic with one stand of normal a better experience that two strands of metallic? Are there any different brands or types of threads that you would recommend? Maybe a pearlescent type or something? Let me know if you have any recommendations and I’ll look into it.

Here’s the links to everyone else taking part in the stitchalong:

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We post updates on whatever projects we are working on every three weeks and cheer each other along (and answer any questions we need help with).


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41 thoughts on “SAL Cross Stitch Update – Christmas is Coming!”

  1. It’s just beautiful. I don’t know enough about metallic effects to make an informed comment, but can you buy perle effect embroidery floss? I think a pale gold with perle finish would look pretty if it’s available.

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    1. If it was a little bit I might put up with the extra effort of using metallic thread but there’s just SO much gold that there’s no way I’ll be doing that.


  2. It’s been awhile, but I’ve used Kreinick to good effect, and using some regular DMC will help. I think my instructions suggest you tie the metallic to your needle to help things stay even. This is so pretty!

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  3. This is going to be so beautiful. Love the red fabric. I don’t like working with metallic so I would say just use the regular DMC gold thread.

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    1. Thanks. I’ll need to use something that’s ready to get a hold of as it’ll be a cross stitch pattern so not sure using embroidery threads is the way to go. It seems like normal DMC is the best choice.


  4. That looks wonderful ! – I’m used to stitching with beads, metallic threads, special stitches, 3-4 threads crosses and what have you, so I’m not afraid to say I’ve pushed through some pretty tough stitching.

    I’ve used metallic and shiney threads loads for different patterns with accents of shiney and I have to admit although I just love the results, on larger areas it’s a pain ! Plasticky/Polyester threads are the absolute worse so stay away from those. My suggestion would be kreinik metallic blends or DMC metallic pearl which I’ve both used a fair amount.

    Although the DMC ones are quite stiff and get snagged by the aida (almost like barbed wire), they do not break or come undone as easily as the Kreinik. The Kreinik blending threads however are closer in texture/stiffness to normal thread, they are easier to stitch with, but get worn down very quickly by friction and eventually rip.

    Either way, to be stitched with slowly and I’d advise much shorter pieces of thread (to reduce the amount of friction from threading). You’ll be using more thread but will have to deal less with the threads acting out. (And I’d suggest a new needle for the Kreinik one, as older ones tend to cut through the thread on the eye)

    Some patterns suggest blending with stranded cotton and it does still look quite nice, however from a distance it definitely doesn’t have the same “wow” effect than solid metallic thread crosses. I would suggest to stitch a sample of both and see what you’re happier with.

    Kreinik Metallic Blend -> Easier but fragile (is meant to be blended with stranded cotton)
    DMC Metallic pearl -> Sturdier but capricious (can be used on it’s own or blended)


    1. Thank you so much for all the info. I think I was just hoping there would be a yes this metallic thread option is easy to use but alas. I think there’s too much to do in gold for me to use one if there’s going to problems and difficulties with it.


  5. How exciting you’re getting back to this. It’s truly beautiful. As far as metallic threads, etc. go my gosh, there are so many threads you could try with different effects as well as so many colors. You might like to check out the vast glittery colors offered by Kreinik and also DMC Diamond. They’ve got so many shiny colors.

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  6. Very nice 🙂 I love using blending filament, it’s a bit fiddly to set up (I see up 3 needles at a time), but then I’ve never had a problem with using it (I hold it double with a special knot at the needle so there aren’t any loose ends to get awkward)


    1. …..what’s blending filament? I’ve never used anything but regular floss so I’m new to everything else.


  7. I love your Christmas embroidery! I wish I could give you an advice about the gold thread, but I can´t. On the other hand, I see you already got some good advices 🙂

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  8. Beautiful- it will look so lovely when finished. Like others, metallic threads aren’t a great favourite of mine. But, I have had some good experience with a Russian brand with a butterfly on the label, called appropriately ‘Au Papillion’. If you would like a photo of it let me know. It is quite fine so you would probably need another thread to cover the Aida, bit it is so much nicer to work with than other metallic threads.

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    1. That’s good to know. I’ll have a look into it but I should probably stick to easily accessible brands as it’ll be going on the pattern when I list it to sell.

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  9. It’s looking great. I’m with you about using DMC metallic threads, they’re awful to use! Somewhere I have a silver Anchor thread which was actually really nice to use, I’ll try and find it to let you know which one it was as they probably do a gold one too.


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