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Book Series I’m Waiting on (Book Series #3)

Next up on my posts about book series is a list of series I’m waiting to finish. These are series where I’ve already read (at least) the first book and am waiting for the next book to be released. You can check out the other posts I’ve done about book series here: Book series I loved but won’t finish and Book Series I am planning on finishing.

(Links go to goodreads page for the first book in each series)



A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martins

Read: 5       Published: 5/7

I’m obviously going to start with the one I’ve been waiting the longest for and I’m no longer sure I’m ever going to get to read this! It’s been a few years since A Dance with Dragons came out (the fifth book in the series) and after a few years of saying next year this will happen I’m getting a bit hopeless about it. Whenever Winds of Winter does come out, I’ll read it. And then wait another five years for the last book too. I stopped watching the tv show when they caught up to the books (I know it diverged quite a bit but still no spoilers!), there have been quite a few moments where I was bored and nearly watched it but I haven’t so I need this book before I give in.



Dark Gifts by Vic James

Read: 2       Published: 2/3

Next up is the one in probably most excited about reading. I loved the first two books in this series, Silyen is the best amoral character I’ve read in a while and I really need the last book. It’s supposed to come out in July and I’m mega excited. It’s set in a weird mismash of modern and Edwardian England where magic is ruling.


The Dark Artifices by Cassandra Clare

Read: 2       Published: 2/3

After the cliffhanger that ended book 2 I’m on tenterhooks to find out what happens next with my favourite characters. Although finding out that Kit and Ty will have their own series has oddly dulled my anticipation. On the one hand two of my favourite characters obviously survive (and can I just say that the fact two of my favourite characters have survived 3 whole books is a miracle because my faves ALWAYS die!) but on the other, I’m not expecting the development I was hoping for to happen in this book if they get their own series next. But there’s still plenty to look forward to, who was that kid Drusilla saw in fairy, is Magnus okay, and will Kieran get a happy ending? (he better or I swear to god I’ll scream)

Starship’s Mage S2 by Glynn Stewart

Read:.…0? (5)       Published:…..0? (5/5)

Okay this ones a little bit of a cheat because technically it’s a whole new series that I haven’t started and I know I said this list was going to be about book series I’ve already started BUT see that little “S2” it’s the second series of a first series that I ABSOLUTELY loved. With the same characters in the same world dealing with the same problem so….? I mean it’s pretty much the same series, right? I’m counting it. I’m linking to the first series because this one doesn’t even have a goodreads page yet (I think because they are self pubbed). It’s about mages on spaceships, or more specifically a specific badass mage on spaceships, and its awesome.


There’s only four on this list because I’m so behind on STARTING new series! Seriously the next two book series lists I’m going to do are about series I want to read but haven’t got around to yet. And I could maybe name a few more series I’ve started and enjoyed but I’m leaving it there because these four are the ones that I really REALLY can’t wait for.

So what about you? What series are you desperately waiting for the next book of? I’d love to know.


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10 thoughts on “Book Series I’m Waiting on (Book Series #3)”

    1. I’ve read the first book (I mean it was massive so I feel like it should count for more than 1) of the riftwar saga by Feist but I didn’t really love it that much. The world was a little bit too wide and epic for me I think.

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  1. Winds of Winter’s pretty high on my list too! And even though I haven’t finished book 2 yet (I’m currently reading it), I’m sure ‘ll be desperately waiting for book 3 in the Nevernight Chronicles once I do.

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