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Linen Stitch Scarf FO

I finished my linen stitch crochet scarf and thanks to all your helpful comments it is now long enough. And, if I do say so myself, rather pretty.

Photo 30-05-2018, 3 21 52 pm

I went with the colour most of you suggested, although I think its a bit different than it showed up in the picture I had taken but I really love it. It’s not the same as the colours in the variegated yarn but its a really nice contrast. I don’t think I would have been brave enough to pick that yarn if you hadn’t suggested it so thanks everyone!

I decided against the fringe in the end because I don’t think it needs it and I did make the colour block ends long enough that it really doesn’t need the extra length either.

Photo 30-05-2018, 3 26 17 pm

Also does anyone find that certain stitches are so much easier to weave ends in than others? I always dread that part but the linen stitch actually made it really easy. Anyway, I love the scarf, and I’ll definitely be making more things in linen stitch but will hopefully make sure I have enough of whatever yarn I pick before I start next time!

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