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Life Update

In which I tell you I am so completely snowed under. I should point out I mean metaphorically just in case anyone thinks we’ve had yet another springtime snow storm.

I have books to read for review. I have books to read to beta. I have MY book to read because I am editing and it’s ridiculously difficult and time consuming. (I actually had a dream about verb endings the other day, it was partially someone lecturing me and partially the actual verb endings animated with arms and legs and nodding along).

But to focus on what’s been taking up most of my time over the last couple of weeks:

Photo 15-04-2018, 6 41 47 pm

I printed out my book for the first time. Theoretically I knew how long it was but seeing over 200 A4 pages in a pile somehow shocked me. It was exciting until I had to sit down with a highlighter and a green pen (yes, note I said green, because seeing all those crossing outs in red instead might have ended me). So I’ve been doing yet another pass of editing. The good news is that this pass will be over by the end of the week and the whole pile will be marked up with green pen and pretty highlighting colours. The bad news is that I definitely have another pass (at least) to do after that before it’s ready for a beta read. But for now it is printed out, separated by chapter and has colour coded bulldog clips according to point of view. I’m nothing if not organised. Sometimes. Okay, when it involves pretty colours I am.

I’m trying to get to some of the arcs I’ve been given lately because they sounds great (otherwise I wouldn’t have agreed to read them) but its difficult right now. And may take me a bit longer than planned. I will get to them though.

Between all of the editing and the attempted reading I did manage to start a little bit of crochet. And I mean a little bit but I’ve started a linen stitch scarf using up the variegated yarn I have left over from a hat project.
Photo 20-04-2018, 2 36 14 pm

The only problem is the pattern chains the long edge rather than the short edge and I’m notoriously bad at chaining the right amount. I think it’s long enough then I chain some more to be sure but by the time you stitch it up it’s got shorter than I expected and I’m not sure if it’s too short now that I have done a few rows. I really don’t want to start again though so I think I might cross my fingers and go with it.

Anyway this is all I’ve managed to craft lately. So that’s my update. Has anyone else been more successful? What are people crafting at the moment?

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17 thoughts on “Life Update”

  1. If you want things to be long enough you might like to try stitching up a small piece of fabric and measuring your gauge so you can figure out how many stitches long you should make. It’s not too hard. If you can write a book, you can definitely work it out! 🙂 Good luck with your book and other projects, it looks like you’ve made yourself super busy!

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    1. Ah the swatch. I’ve never been able to force myself to make one. Having to make one just turns me off a project! I know they are wonderful and helpful but they feel like wasted time when you don’t end up using them. I know they can save loads of time if you do it wrong without one but i still can’t make myself do it haha

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      1. I think with your post you might have created a good case for making a quick one to save time! I understand your thoughts, though, it can be a drag to make one!

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  2. Good luck with editing your book. You are very organized and I think it will go pretty quick for you. Love the scarf you are crocheting. Pretty colors and that stitch is very pretty. I look forward to seeing more. I have actually been getting in some good crafting time as I tore the meniscus in my knee and am not able to do much. So sitting and stitching of some kind has been my days this last week.

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