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Holiday Crochet FO!

Guys! I actually finished the scarf I started crocheting on holiday while ON holiday! Normally I bring a new project with me just to crochet when I feel like it and end up finishing it over the following weeks after I got home but I finished it!

This has a lot to do with the fact that I got really sick half way through my holiday (No thanks to the six hour delay we had at the airport) which meant I lacked the brain power to read. So instead I crocheted. And on my last full day it was so close to being finished that i decided to go for it. I ended up finishing at about 9pm when we had an early start the next day but i do not regret it!

Photo 04-04-2018, 2 20 32 pm

It’s not blocked yet but I really love it. I followed this pattern that I found over on ravelry. It’s a actually really easy and once you’ve started it’s simply a two row repeat which I could do while daydreaming about other things. So it was the perfect holiday project (And the perfect project for plotting stories in my head). You can find my project here on my ravelry but all the pictures are in this post.

I have never really blocked anything in my life though. It’s lion brand mandala which is 100% acrylic (but really really nice yarn!). So it’ll just be a wet block not steam but…. I don’t have anywhere large enough to lay it out. I don’t have any pins or mats and I don’t want to buy any as we’re moving soon so buying extra stuff isn’t what I want to do. So I have no idea how that’s going to happen. Luckily I have declared that whoever wants the scarf has to block it which means it’s now my mums problem! But if you have any tips I’m sure she will appreciate them.

I think I might have to do this pattern again at some point with a different colour for myself because its really nice and feels lovely and warm too. Definitely a new favourite pattern.

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16 thoughts on “Holiday Crochet FO!”

    1. Thank you! It’s definitely looking like it won’t get blocked haha. It’s been sitting in a corner since I’ve got back. Whoops.


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