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Pre-Holiday Haul

There’s nothing like a holiday to burn a hole in my bank account and I’m not even talking about the actual holiday or the travel insurance that I had to renew. It’s all those little things you have to buy in. Some of them are boring holiday stuff like suntan lotion but I’m going to share some of the more exciting bits that I had to buy and the books I hope to read too (I’m hopefully more than half way through these books by now but I have no internet till I return).

Firstly, a holiday means a new crochet project to do while I’m lounging around. Which obviously means new yarn because…. Okay I just wanted new yarn. But I found a scarf pattern that looked interesting and used just one 150g ball of dk yarn (perfect to fit in the suitcase) The pattern called for sidar colourwheel but I preferred the colours of lion brand mandala. They’re both the same weight (and this one actually has a few extra metres so it should be fine) and here’s the one I picked:

Photo 16-03-2018, 1 56 12 pm


I won’t be bringing it on the flight with me because I only have a metal 4.5mm hook and don’t want to risk it getting confiscated for the flight and then having nothing to use on holiday. I contemplated buying a wooden hook but I’ve spent enough money!

Next important thing was a wallet phone case for my new iPhone. I didn’t have a case because the phone literally just sits beside my bed and seeing as I never go out it’s highly unlikely it would get damaged. But I’ll be shoving it into a bag with pens and sweets and all sorts on the flight so I figured I needed one. Plus, it’ll be helpful when I’m watching a film on the flight.

Photo 16-03-2018, 1 56 22 pm

I also bought a new top and headphones which completely accidently match:

Photo 16-03-2018, 1 54 25 pm

I always buy this brand of headphones and have been cycling through the colours they come in (light blue, dark blue, green, red, orange – yes I’ve bought a lot, they only last a couple years each) so I bought purple this time and they go really well with my top. Which I’m sure I don’t have to explain because I’ll be doing little else than reading while I’m away!

Which brings me on, of course, to holiday books. I didn’t buy these specifically for my holiday but these are the books that I most want to read during my holiday out of the 60+ I have waiting on my kindle and vying for my attention: (Links are to the goodreads pages)


Coldmaker by Daniel A Cohen // A Gathering of Shadows by VE Schwab // The State of Grace by Rachael Lucas // Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor


Revenger by Alastair Reynolds // Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody // Shadow Run by AdriAnne Strickland and Michael Miller // The Pearl Wars (Skyship Academy) by Nick James

I won’t get through all eight books. There’s absolutely no chance especially because two of these are over 500+ pages. And I might completely change my mind and decide I’m in the mood to read a completely different set of books (I did mention I have A LOT of books on my kindle right now!) but these are the ones I want to read on holiday. And it’s the thought that counts, right? Does that phrase count in this context? I don’t know. But I’ll be doing a holiday book wrap up post after I’m back where you can come and laugh at how badly I’ve done with this list.

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15 thoughts on “Pre-Holiday Haul”

    1. I ended up crocheting and listening to music a lot so not much reading got done. I’m never sure which mood I’ll be when I’m on holiday but I’ll post my progress next week sometime once I’ve recovered!


    1. It is! I loved the colours but was expecting it to not feel so great as it’s just cheap lion brand but it’s actually really soft and lovely!


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