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SAL Update #1561315

I have a crafty update for you all! It’s been three weeks since I last shared my cross stitch with you so here’s is my progress for the stitch a long.

Photo 05-02-2018, 2 24 04 pm

Here’s where I was upto up until this point:

Photo 11-01-2018, 2 36 10 pm

I’ve started on the next bit up from where I began. Three of the five baubles are done and a few more snowflakes. (yes, I know, MORE snowflakes). The snowflakes will be getting bigger as I go up so you’ll get to see some more intricate designs soon. And the baubles will be hanging from the bit above rather than just randomly floating but the ‘strings’ will be cross stitched in gold so I’ll be leaving that till the end. A lot of the red gaps in the baubles will be filled in with gold as well (all those swirly bits).

I’m not sure whether to move on to the larger snowflakes and fill in more of them or to try to get the other two baubles stitched for next time. What do you think? More baubles or more snowflakes?

But overall things are progressing well!

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And welcome to the SAL to Sunny

We all post updates on our own cross stitch others every three weeks ago there’s lots of different and lovely projects going on.

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26 thoughts on “SAL Update #1561315”

  1. Wow, this piece is going to be bigger than I thought! It’s looking fabulous and I bet it’s only going to get better. Love the swirly lines in the baubles. Good luck with the metallic gold thread!

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    1. I’m not sure I’ll be using metallic gold thread so much as just good coloured thread. I would love to use metallic thread because I think it’ll look awesome but….. There is A LOT of gold and I don’t think I could put up with it for that long!


  2. Wow, so much progress!! Hurray for you Jessica! A very difficult choice between baubles and snowflakes. I love the baubles but am very curious about these intricate snowflakes coming, no the sound wonderful. This is going to be quite a showpiece!

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  3. I love red and white at Christmas — so festive! I, too, would be torn between “finishing” the baubles with the gold thread, and moving on to the snowflakes to see more of the design! Looking forward to your next update already.

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