Cyxus Blue Light Filter Glasses – Review

I don’t think anyone would argue that looking at screens all day isn’t so good for our eyes. For me this is amplified by my illness. Bright lights are difficult for me and within about ten minutes of looking at my phone screen (on the lowest brightness setting) I start to get a headache. Last year whenever I went on my phone I would wear a pair of sunglasses which meant I could go on my phone for about an hour or so before a headache started building.

Well a few weeks ago this happened :

Photo 11-01-2018, 2 38 18 pm

I may have left the glasses on my bed and then leaned on them. They snapped and I was irrationally heartbroken about it. (I get very attached to my things, okay?) especially considering I had about three other pairs of sunglasses lying around but they weren’t the right pair!

Anyway, this meant that I had to buy some more online because the replacement pair I had just weren’t as comfortable.

While I was browsing I came across these :


Cyxus Blue Light Filter Glasses *

*Link goes to the amazon listing, not an affiliate link, just where I bought my pair.

Now I was fully sceptical about the whole anti blue light thing. I mean seriously I thought there was like a zero percent chance they would work. But they seemed to have great reviews so I thought why not? I’ll give them a try and see if they work.

Well guys. They work.

I could tell within an hour of them arriving.

It Is rather bizarre putting them on for the first time. Everything is yellow! But after a while you stop noticing it so much. Until, that is, you take them off again and everything suddenly send very blue! There do seem to be versions that are clear rather than yellow tinted but I’m not sure how well they work.


I started using mine as soon as they arrived just so I could rule them out (see? completely sceptical) but then it was an hour later and I still didn’t have any tendrils of a headache forming. I can actually use my phone for a few hours at a time without any problems now (I write on my phone if anyone is wondering why I’d be looking at my phone for hours on end). I use them for my laptop too and I think it’s so much better than the programs that adjust the blue light on screen, it’s stronger and I can last much longer with the glasses than any filter apps/programs. I’m actually not exaggerating when I say these glasses have changed my life.

I also want to say that these are the most comfortable glasses I have ever worn. I mean, this is obviously going to be a personal thing and depends on the shape of your face and whatnot, but for me I completely forget I’m wearing them which isn’t so easy to do when everything has turned yellow!


I should have gone for the square framed version because they would have suited me much better like my actual glasses but I was browsing sunglasses and I always buy these types for that and didn’t really make the connection. But I’m not upset about my decision as I find these frames perfect for me. And, as if they weren’t already worth the £20 I paid for them, they also come in a lovely case with a cleaner too.


So basically, 5/5 would absolutely recommend for everyone who spend a lot of time looking at screens but especially for those who find themselves squinting at their screens, or have sensory issues that make looking at screens difficult because of illnesses.


In other news I did actually get another pair of sunglasses to replace my broken pair. Just because I can never have too many….

Photo 11-01-2018, 2 38 47 pm


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22 thoughts on “Cyxus Blue Light Filter Glasses – Review”

  1. I also did not know they existed, but I will be looking for a pair. Lately, my eyes hurt by the end of the day and it’s frustrating me big time. Thanks so much for bringing them to our attention!

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    1. I have a filter on my iPhone too (I only use it as an iPod basically) and it’s great but I don’t think it’s as strong as wearing the glasses. For me at least, I still get a headache after a while with the filter but not at all with the glasses AND the filter lol.

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      1. Fair enough. I have noticed a difference using the filter, especially to the quality of my sleeping, and the feeling of my eyes straining. I never really considered it before, but now as I have, I have pretty much stuck with it.


  2. I’ve been debating getting a pair of glasses like these, but hadn’t been able to find any clip-ons. All the sites said “due to the curvature needed for this process…yada yada yada” and there was no WAY I was going to be able to afford to get them in my prescription. After reading your post, I googled this brand and THEY HAVE CLIP-ONS! And they had a coupon for them on Amazon, so I was able to grab a pair for only $11! 😀 Thanks!!!

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  3. I work on computers all day, and my prescription glasses have blue light filters for this reason, although the colour shift is not as extreme as the ones you’ve shown. It does help, for sure.

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      1. Yes, as soon as I told them I work with computers, they suggested it. I have it on both my progressive lenses, and my dedicated computer glasses. (Getting old sucks, lol.)

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