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2018 Goals

I’m a little late with this new years goals post but it took me a little while to think about exactly what I wanted to write. I also spent the start of the year really sick but I’m over that now and ready to get down to business.

Last year the goals I set were varied but rather specific. The year before that I made resolutions instead. The way I do this changes every year depending on how I feel and what I’m ready for. I don’t like settings goals or resolutions that are pointless and will be broken so they change.

This year I’m picking one big thing to concentrate on. And other things that I hope will get done but are not so important.


My one big resolution for 2018 is to finish writing my book and then revise and edit it. I’m five chapters away from finishing my first draft. I think this will probably be done by the end of March which gives me a good chunk of the year to get it edited and polished up. There are obviously next steps to that but what happens after that isn’t in my control right now and will be decided when I get there. Editing and revising isn’t going to be an easy task and will be a lot of hard work so that is what I’m concentrating on. Hopefully this involves some betas and getting lots of feedback to help me improve it as well.

Everything else will kind of take a backseat this year. That’s not to say I won’t be trying for the other goals but this is the one thing that I need to achieve in 2018 and I may end up pulling back from other things to make sure this gets done.


But some of the other things I’d like to happen are:


I managed to read 64 books last year which is about 20 more than I’ve ever managed before. Normally I set my reading goal relatively low so that I know I will reach it and it doesn’t stress me out. After all, we read because we enjoy it. The extra pressure isn’t good for enjoying something. But this year I’m taking a gamble and setting my goodreads goal to 52 books which I only achieved for the first time last year. I think I can manage that, I surpassed it easily last year but it’s still a rather high number for me if you look at the last few years.


Blogging and Social Media

I want to keep blogging. Spreading the topics over crafting, reading and maybe some writing posts too. I can’t say I’ll keep to my post every four days rule that I set last year but we’ll see. I’d also love to connect to more book bloggers and writers too. Some of which will happen here and some over on Twitter (I’m @everthecrafter).



Last year I set a lot of crafting goals. One of which was make my first quilt . I managed all of my craft goals apart from my quilt. I didn’t even get half way. Out of 24 blocks I completed 8 and started on the next four. I would love to finish it this year. I’m moving about August time though and I’m not sure my sewing machine will get set up again where we move too which means I’d have to get it done by then….. That’s probably not going to happen but I’m not setting any other craft goals this year. I probably will make other things but this is the only aim.


Etsy Shop


This one is pretty simple. Keep my etsy shop going. The last few months have seen it grow and I’m really happy about that. So trying to keep that up will be great. This will cut into my quilting time though as both need me to be sitting up and I can’t do that for long periods of time.



The first half of last year saw me keep a Spanish diary which went really well. I want to keep going with learning some Spanish but I’m sure it’ll be less this year but still. I would like to finish this ks3 workbook I started last year and also a couple of these easy Spanish books on Kindle. I mentioned recently that kindle was a brilliant way to learn a language because of all the features. I might make a blog post on that at some point. I think those two things are definitely doable for me this year. Though anything above that would obviously be great too.


So what about you? Are you setting goals or resolutions? Have you picked a word of the year? Do you have any reading or writing goals you want to accomplish? And do you know of any reading or writing chats/tags either for blogging or twitter that you would recommend?


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20 thoughts on “2018 Goals”

  1. Good goals for you Jess, I’m glad you are feeling better these days. I have a list, but I don’t know that they are goals or resolutions. The big priority is to get my audition piece ready and recorded by the end of February. After that, it is all gravy, though I have several projects going that are new to me, and will read a bunch too. 😊 It has been quite different to NOT be chained to deadlines, etc. so I am trying to be judicious in my choices!

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    1. What’s the audition piece for? His luck with it. It always feels good to have a little freedom after being chained to something for a while. Even if you’ve been enjoying it.

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      1. In order to attend Suzuki teacher classes, you have to submit a video of your playing, and be accepted. You can do the easier Beethoven allowing you to take up to unit 4, or play the Mozart K331 and be eligible for all 7, so I am doing the Mozart, hoping to only do one audition tape for all the classes I might take. 😁 it’s been good to really polish something, but trying to tape 8 minutes with no baubles is a challenge. At the moment I can play all but the last variation well, just not in the same take! A few more weeks and I hope it is ready!


  2. I wish you success in all of your goals for 2018. I am still trying to work my list into 18 in 2018. Something different I am doing this year. I do have a goal to read more. Not sure how many books I will put into my goal, but it will be no where near your 64 books! That is awesome. I tend to read only at lunch time, and when I actually sit down to have lunch. My goals are things that I want to get done this year and I am going to try my best to get them done. Happy New Year!

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    1. Thank you. Good luck on reading more. I actually haven’t been reading much these last two weeks as I’ve been sick. Not a great start to my year here


  3. Wow, your goals are amazing! I really like how you’ve prioritized them. You’ve got so many things going on and I’m excited to see how it goes for you.
    And you’re not the only one who’s “late” in setting your goals. I’m still working on my blog post about them.
    Best wishes with your goals.

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  4. Jessica, you have some wonderful goals there. I’m interested in your book goal. Do you mind my asking what you’re writing? Maybe you mentioned it previously and I missed it. I’m on the same path, but did some contests last year so working on those suggestions as I edit. You have writing as your number one and that’s what it takes. It’s a lot of work but you’ll make it.

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    1. Hi Maggie, I’m writing a fantasy novel set around the crew of an airship. What about you? I’m only a couple of chapters away from starting the editing process myself.

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      1. Very exciting, Jessica. Sounds so interesting. My book is Christian Historical Fiction. I love history, but you get to build a world that doesn’t have the constraints of history. I admire that.
        I’m finishing my editing process in the next few weeks and have an editor hired to edit it for me. Then the next part of the process begins.


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