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Christmas stitching

I have been speed stitching for the last week trying to have some progress to show you after not stitching since October and I’ve actually gotten quite a lot done.

Here’s where I was last time:

And here is what that little Aladdin’s lamp turned into:


Two reindeer have appeared (and yes, before you say it, I’m aware reindeer have antlers, but the antlers are going to be stitched in gold like the swirly bits above will be.)

I even managed to move on to the start of the ‘Merry Christmas’ part. Which hopefully I’ll have finished for the next update but then it is Christmas so maybe I’ll focus on having a merry christmas insetad!

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We post an update on whatever projects we’re working on every three weeks and cheer each other along. So go check out what everyone else is up to and we’re always happy for new members.


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32 thoughts on “Christmas stitching”

  1. I hope the antler stitching goes smoothly for you. Will you be using gold color floss or metallic threads? Love the idea of swirly antlers though. This is going to be wonderful when finished. Meanwhile, have a happy holiday season however much you get done!

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    1. I’m going to be using gold coloured floss. I’d love to use metallic thread to make it sparkly but there going to be way too many stitches for me to put up with it for that long! Haha


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