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Christmassy Crochet – Wrist Warmers

I bought some lovely new yarn last week. I felt like I deserved it and, after years of trying to work through my stash, I think my will power is finally dying.

In my defence I needed some 4 ply yarn for the thing I wanted to make and I didn’t have any of that. So I bought these pretty balls while the black Friday sale was going on and I also bought myself a new double ended hook.


The hook is much shorter than all the other double ended hooks I have, it’s the length of a normal crochet hook rather than the length of a long knitting needle. The long hooks are brilliant for larger things like hats or cowls but I wanted to make wrist warmers and thought this one would be a lot less fiddly than a long hook for something that small.

The multi-coloured yarn is King Cole Party and the colour way is called festive and it really is. It’s so lovely, and has a thread of sparkly gold going through it. This does make it slightly scratchy though but if you read my post any Tunisian crochet hats, you’ll know for Tunisian crochet in the round you use two balls of yarn. One for the front of the work and one for the back. So I got a plain ball of softer King Cole Big Value red yarn for the part of the wrist warmer that is actually against the wrist.

I had a bit of a false start by chaining too many, and by that I mean after a couple of rows I realised you could probably fit your leg through it. But after working out the right amount I started again and it flew by. The red yarn is so soft and the outside is so pretty.


I did have a bit of thinking to do for the thumb hole part. How to change in the round to working flat and switching from carrying two different yarns in different parts of the work to using just one yarn? I figured it out in the end, although I did rip back and switch to the red yarn as I didn’t like the other one against my skin so much. It means there’s a red band in the middle of the wrist warmer as the same yarn gets used for the front and back but, as the cast on and cast off, (it’s not called that on crochet is it? You know what I mean) was in red I think it looks good.

It works up really quickly, and I got onto the second one as soon as I’d finished the first. They’re not quite finished yet but I’m sure they will be soon and I’ll probably be making a few more. I’m pretty sure with just these two balls I could make four or five pairs. I’ll probably get bored before I make it that far though! Maybe two pairs, a last minute Christmas present perhaps.

Here’s the inside just so you can see the red yarn. It’s lovely and soft and warm.


They’re so snug and warm. It made me wonder about Tunisian crochet socks but Tunisian crochet isn’t very stretchy and I’m guessing socks need to be pretty stretchy to get them on your feet so maybe not.


I was a little worried about using 4 ply, I’ve never used yarn that thin before but the Tunisian crochet works up so quickly that it wasn’t a problem.


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14 thoughts on “Christmassy Crochet – Wrist Warmers”

    1. Thanks. You need a double ended hook for Tunisian crochet in the round. You don’t need it for normal crochet or even Tunisian crochet normally. I’ve never heard of it used for anything other than Tunisian in the round but there might be other uses.


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