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Super Secret Project – Reveal!

I hinted a couple times that most of my time was being spent working on a super secret present. First of all, i finished it in time! Woo! And sent it at the beginning of October. (it takes 3 weeks to get to systems from here which is ridiculous but true) and it arrived in time for her birthday!

And I can finally share it all with you.


Christmas stockings with rather unchristmassy fabric. The cuffs are across stitched with the inhabitants of the house. The doggos and the…. Cat..o? What do you call the cat in Australian speak, Tracey?

Anyway their names and little paw prints. Here’s a zoooom of the cross stitching:


If you follow my blog then you will probably recognise the red cross stitching fabric as the same as I am using in my massive christmas cross stitch project. I bought a very large piece of it so that I would have enough to do both.

I designed the cross stitch on the computer using my favourite font then stitched it up, which was the bit I was worried would take too long to get it done in time but it went quite quickly.

The stockings are all lined too and here is some shots of me trying to get a picture that shows it….


It’s the first time I tried sewing these so I’m really happy with how they turned out though they are far from perfect. And I did accidentally sew one of the cuffs with the cross stitch sealed inside at one point but it got fixed!

Here they are all looking like a family….


Five stockings and a bag later I still have rather a lot of the butterfly fabric left over so expect more things made out of it!

My adventures in sewing continue.

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24 thoughts on “Super Secret Project – Reveal!”

    1. I’m definitely no master. I just bought the pattern, most of it was really easy apart from sewing the cuff on to the body but that wasn’t difficult so much as fiddly. But then I did make them smaller than the pattern said, it would probably be much easier full size.


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